SteemSaavy Adds SteemNinja To It’s Training

When the idea for SteemSavvy came about, the mission was simple….

Help people learn about STEEM and give them the best training around!

It’s been an awesome journey with hundreds of members joining the platform over it’s lifespan…And we’re always trying to get better! New apps come online, we want to talk about them. New features come about, we want to discuss them! But one thing that hurt us was actually GETTING people set up with a STEEM account.

I’ve heard from dozens of people in my off-chain businesses, that are intrigued by STEEM but had a heck of a time trying to get set up. So much so that they literally, gave up before they even got their account approved…

Well, along comes 🙂


Powered by the team @oracle-d this onboarding tool has been heaven sent to get people in my circle…On the blockchain.

It’s arguably the easiest way to get an account on STEEM and Steem Ninja should be commended for making this SUPER simple to use!

I like simple 🙂

Mostly because I have the technical ability of a toad and appreciate when developers make things easy. Not only for the end user, but also for us entrepreneurs that just come up with ideas but rarely have someone to help execute the ideas.

So the more I used Steem Ninja, the more I knew it had to be…Lesson Number 1 in SteemSavvy!

This past week, we made it the first video training lesson people see when they join SteemSavvy…


I re-arranged the training and added the brand new lesson introducing Steem Ninja to the SteemSavvy members.

Yes, they are still told they can join for free through but I really wanted the focus to be on using Steem Ninja.

Mostly because of ease of use of Ninja but also that they can get started right away with their training…

You see, once you introduce people to something new (like STEEM) they are excited to get started…The issue with telling people to get signed up through Steemit means they will be waiting for quite sometime to actually get started…

This leads to people giving up and I know this is the case because of the dozens of people I’ve personally talked to about STEEM.

Steem Ninja offers the perfect solution. So it was a no-brainer to add it to SteemSavvy!

Never heard of SteemSavvy?

We’ve got some much going on….It’s an exciting place to be 🙂

– Complete A to Z drip-fed training to give you the best STEEM education around
– The SAVVY token will soon be incorporated into the training (Yup, you will be REWARDED for actually learning about STEEM)
– SteemBasincIncome incentives for being active in our Discord community
– Gamification through reward badges for completing new lessons and modules

And so much more…

Check us out, we’d love to have you onboard!


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