SteemSavvy 101 – Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges!

Part of the long term vision for SteemSavvy is to get new Steemians on the blockchain for the long term.

Meaning, we aren’t trying to attract new people that will give up in a month because STEEM doesn’t moonshot to 8 bucks a token..

We’re looking for contributing members of the community and people that see the massive potential for not only a thriving blockchain. But also an exciting social media platform to grow along side with.

And to do that…We need to ‘hook‘ people and get them excited to learn and grow daily.

Part of our game plan to do that at SteemSavvy is to use elements of gamification within our training in the form of badges and other digital rewards!

We already went over the SBI Angels initiative to grow members on our Discord community, but what about inside the training?

For almost a decade, I’ve used badges and digital rewards inside my ‘off-chain businesses’ with great success.


At first you may ask…

“Who cares about these silly little icons and trinkets? No one will do the extra work to receive them?”

That’s the secret of gamification when you layer a ‘game of hide and seek‘ on top of an educational platform.

People LEARN and are rewarded while progressing through the training!

And what kind of tasks do they need to complete to get rewarded with a badge?

That’s the fun part of it…You have to go through the training to find out!

But here’s a few examples…


Here’s an example of the Steem Basics badge that members receive for completing the entire Steem Basics module.


Another badge example, in which members must refer one new SteemSavvy member to the site to unlock this.

This is a badge that members can unlock by creating their own welcome video to SteemSavvy!

As you can see, these are awarded by DOING….Not just clicking a link or two!

I believe that we will learn so much more on our journey here on STEEM when we take action daily. And that’s the main goal of the badges here at SteemSavvy…We must learn by doing!

The more we do, the more comfortable we get…And that translates into active and engaging members of the Steem community!

Be sure to join SteemSavvy now to start collecting your badges and we’ll be working on developing ways for you to start showing them off to the world 🙂


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