SteemSavvy 101 – Be A Part Of The STEEM Welcome Wagon!

Getting people to join STEEM is a tough task. But the next step even even harder…

Getting new Steemians to become active and contributing members of the community.

We are still getting between 150-250 new Steemians joining every day and these people are usually pointed towards the #introduceyourself tag to begin their journey.

As the first step most new Steemians are told to take, why not leverage it and HELP these new Steemians with a warm welcome to the blockchain…

I added a new lesson to the Tips N’ Tricks module in SteemSavvy this week where I talk about just that…


If we combine this ‘welcome wagon‘ lesson to the 5-500-5000 formula, you can see how effective this can be…For not only our own journey, but helping new Steemians with a friendly word of welcome and encouragement.

Here’s how it works…

If we remember, we’re shooting for 5 ‘engagements‘ a day to help grow our account. And that comes in the form of either a piece of content, a response to a reader / viewer, a comment on someone else’s content…Engagement every day with our fellow Steemians.

Why not post 1 or 2 ‘welcome’ messages a day under the #introduceyourself tag…Here’s what I did this week;

Step 1: I found a few interesting Steemians that had JUST JOINED STEEM. Simply by following the #introduceyourself tag

Step 2: I created a quick little graphic that would grab attention and welcomed them to STEEM. (Shout out to @skyleap for the awesome drawing ;))

Step 3: I also mentioned SteemSavvy as a place to help them get familiar with STEEM.

Note: You’ll see that I didn’t just throw up ‘hey welcome to STEEM, check out my link‘…I actually READ their content and responded to them with relevant information concerning their post. In this case, I saw that the new Steemian was from Australia so I recommended my favorite Aussie Steemian @kevinli as someone to follow.

Another note for this to work effectively…

Don’t just link spam the #introduceyourself tag.

I would recommend at MOST, 1 or 2 of these kind of posts a day. Because remember, we are trying to ENGAGE with Steemians and offer value to their journey. If we frame that properly, of course we will benefit…But there is nothing worse than 20 posts a day spamming people links to join a new program…Even if it’s as awesome as SteemSavvy 😉

Engagement is key!

If we do this properly, not only will new Steemians get a warm welcome to the blockchain…But we will be adding value to it as well. In our journey and in theirs…

It’s a win-win 🙂

Are you interested in learning more about SteemSavvy?

This is just one of the dozens of lessons found inside of SteemSavvy!

Be sure to check out our training and education platform…We’re working hard to build STEEM for the ‘rest of us’…The everyday Steemian that wants to create, engage and grow!



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