SteemSavvy 101 – What Are SBI Angels?

SteemSavvy has a goal – To help Steemians discover the massive potential of this blockchain without confusing them to the point where they give up.

Easier said than done…

The blockchain is BIG! And with so many moving parts, new development and technical terms thrown at you from every direction…You can see how some would give up before they even get started.

Part of the plan to help SteemSavvy members navigate this blockchain is to develop a strong community!

Once again, easier said than done….

Community cannot be ‘bought’. It has to be grown naturally and patiently. Community needs to inspire people to take action and know that they are never alone on their journey…

So a big part of our community building initiatives with SteemSavvy will revolve around our Discord server!


Getting people to engage and communicate daily within this environment can be a challenge, so we’re working on plans to reward active contributors to the Discord. We feel like if you are going to be a part of something, it should be rewarded! So that you win and the community wins every step of the way.

That’s where @steembasicincome comes in and our ‘SBI Angel’ comes into play!

What is an SBI Angel?

We have members of our community that will be patrolling Discord and looking for awesome people like you! They will be given a budget every week and set up with the task of rewarding active and contributing members of our community with Steem Basic Income units. If you take part in the discussions, offer suggestions, are being helpful, contribute or are just plain AWESOME, an angel can reward you with a SBI unit.

(Look for this emoji inside of our Discord when you are posting. If you see this under your comment, it means an SBI Angel has sent you a @steembasicincome unit)

It is completely random, and there is no set amount you can be rewarded. If we see you taking action and being a contributing member of the community…We will reward you!

Why is this important?

Not only will it help grow the SBI units of the member that is rewarded, it’ll also build the ‘SBI Angel’s shares as well.

So it’s a three fold win;

1. The contributing member wins by getting new units in @steembasicincome

2. The SBI angel wins for building theirs as well.

3. The community wins because we slowly build active and engaging members that genuinely want to HELP their fellow Steemian grow!

Why @SteemBasicIncome ?

It’s one of the most important projects I have ever witnessed on STEEM. So many people give up on their journey because getting upvotes from people is tough! Now I’m not saying an upvote from SBI is going to make or break you…But it helps! And it shows that you are being rewarded for your actions. Steem Basic Income is such a win-win for everyone involved, it’s the perfect program to help in our mission to get more Steemians using STEEM every day.


We’d love to welcome you to our Discord community and join in the mission to help bring Steem to the world!

Also, if you have any questions, concerns or feedback for the SBI Angel program, please let me know in either the comments below, or on Discord!

And of course – Please do take a second and join SteemSavvy! We would be honored to have you on board and for you to see the progress we are making every day to build this educational platform…


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