SteemSavvy Is Coming…

Steem has been a revelation for me!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of this blockchain and it’s become such a huge part of my business and life…

As Steemit Inc fights to bring the blockchain into the minds of thousands of entrepreneurs…It’s something that I believe I can help with.

Quick backstory…A few of us got together in the beginning of the year and developed the Bitcoin Bully training platform

It gave ‘noobs‘ a fresh look at crypto currency and how to get involved using easy to complete training videos.

Nothing too complicated. Nothing too crazy or over the top.

The design of the program let users ‘progress‘ and graduate to more complicated tasks the further they completed the lessons. I’ve believed in a hands on approach and drip fed learning since I started to ‘make money online‘ so many years ago. And BitcoinBully provided that for thousands of members since it’s launch in early 2018.

I told my partners, this method would be perfect for STEEM!

My goals…

1. New Steemians could learn at their own pace. And tackle some very complicated topics in an easy to follow training environment.

2. Onboard new Steemians that understood the power of this blockchain and get them using the Dapps to build their accounts here on STEEM.

And with the Bitcoin Bully ‘method’, we are putting the finishing touches on SteemSavvy!


This training platform will aim to attract people to the STEEM blockchain by providing users with in depth training on how to get the most from their time here. But more importantly allow them to go at their own pace.


(A screenshot of the Bitcoin Bully training platform that STEEMSavvy will be based around. Details training videos covering a wide variety of topics…)

I believe this is critical to mass adoption, and the more that people ‘understand’ things, the more they will use it. We will go over topics such as;

– The STEEM basics
– Content creation tips
– Different tools to make your life easier
– Dapps (the lifeblood of STEEM)
– Delegation
– Password protection
– Promotional tools
– Important accounts to follow

And so much more….

(New training videos pop up and allow members to view the material, then ‘complete the task’ to move onto the next lesson…)

As development of this platform progresses I will be spending a ton of time working to create the best training material. And I will also be throwing a lot of effort into marketing STEEM in certain markets and niches around the web. I’ve been building businesses online since the late 90’s so this is something I’m fired up to work on.

(Here’s a quick promo video that will be appearing on the front page of STEEMSavvy to give viewers a brief overview of what we’re offering here…)

This project is meant to attract potential new Steemians that are curious about how they can leverage the blockchain for their business as well as growing their brand on a new and exciting social media platform.

And that’s the angle I’m going for with this project….I’m not looking to attract the experts in blockchain technology. I’m trying to reach the everyday entrepreneur. The social media fan. The business minded individual that sees the potential in the blockchain and it’s Dapps.

I hope to have this launched with the next few days but no longer than 2 weeks…As this will always have new material because…Well, the blockchain changes daily 🙂

If you are interested in learning more about STEEMSavvy or helping out with its development, please drop me a line….

I have a Discord server for BitcoinBully that will become the home for STEEMSavvy students as well. But I’m calling on the more experienced Steemians, because without you, this blockchain doesn’t grow. I would love to hear your input on what is a MUST to go into training and things to help develop the best possible training platform.

I’m looking forward to doing my part to bring more awareness and Steemians to the platform. And with hardfork 20 around the corner…I think it’s the perfect time for STEEMSavvy!


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