SteemSavvy – One Week Later

It’s been a full 7 days since we launched SteemSavvy to the world!

And I thought it would be a good time to go over some of the wins and losses over the past week that we had. As well as give you all a roadmap on where we plan to take this platform.

First up, SteemSavvy is doing what it was meant to do! I had this dream to make a training platform for ‘the rest of us‘ here on STEEM. The people that are curious about the blockchain and the huge potential of a decentralized social media platform.

And I got this comment from a SteemSavvy member a day ago that brought it all home…


Thanks @myjob ! That comment you posted yesterday made my week!

And that’s really what this program is designed to do…Break this complicated blockchain down into simple and easy to digest lessons…That helps ANYONE regardless of their technical knowledge level get their hands dirty and play in our @sndbox ! (See what I did there? lol)

STEEM is so much more than just another ‘blockchain project’ and I’m so grateful for the support that Savvy has gotten in it’s short week of existence!

However, sticking out in the noise of this blockchain can be a tough thing to do. We have so much more work ahead of us. And bringing awareness to SteemSavvy within the STEEM community is a huge priority for us. With the support of the community, it’s obvious that we can achieve even bigger things!

Here’s a few of our plans moving forward…

SteemFest – I’m getting ready to head to Poland in less than 2 weeks from now with SteemSavvy on my mind 🙂 I hope to not only learn from the STEEM veterans but also to get feedback about how we can make SteemSavvy the ultimate training solution to help onboard new Steemians! My game plan in long tail for this stuff, just like the lessons teach within SteemSavvy…Steemfest will help us get SteemSavvy out to more Steemians and encourage them to grow on the blockchain!

Off-Chain Advertising – The first few weeks of launch I’ll be in ‘Steemfest mode’. However after I get back from Poland I’ll be gearing up for some nice off-chain campaigns to bring awareness to SteemSavvy as well as STEEM. We have the best mouse trap out there! Once people get involved with STEEM, they will fall in love with it…We just need to continue to share the STEEM message. I’ll be securing some campaigns that should help us do that! And this isn’t a one time thing either…I’ve learned in my decades of being in business online…You need to stay in front of people, consistently! Our off-chain campaigns will do just that!

New Content – This is a big part of SteemSavvy as well. Things change here all the time and we will work hard to give you the best and more up to date training around. That being said, fresh content and new lessons have already been added since launch. I think it’s so important to provide people with not only up to date content, but new content to keep them engaged and learning as much as they can. We are dynamic here, not static 😉

Community Focus – It’s pretty evident…Community is KEY here on STEEM! And building a unique community won’t happen overnight. However like I mentioned above, this is a long tail approach to building SteemSavvy. So we will continue to promote our Discord Server and encourage engagement and networking within it. Our ‘@steembasicincome’ angel initiative has already begun…Where we will be rewarding active Steemians who contribute to the community random SBI units. This helps grow their accounts but also encourages comments, engagement and real relationship building! Again…This doesn’t happen overnight, but we encourage you to start poking around our Discord more…You may enjoy what you see 🙂

Live Training – Part of the plan as well with Discord is to set up weekly and daily training / Q&A sessions. Something I have learned, especially here on STEEM, is once you are out of sight, you are out of mind. So showing up daily and offering new SteemSavvy members an opportunity to ask questions and get helpful tips and tricks in a live environment is an initiative we will move forward with. It will help us stay in front of active members and help them be seen as action takers as well. We’ve already set up our Monday Night Meet & Greet and will set up a time for our daily Q&A’s.

The Savvy Cycle – This is the core of everything we believe in at SteemSavvy. The three pronged attack to build your account here on STEEM…


This message is a big part of the training inside of SteemSavvy and we will be promoting this a lot inside of STEEM. The purpose is to show new Steemians the importance of adding value everyday, sharing STEEM and becoming a product of our product, plus the importance of powering up our accounts. Simple, but we think this is so effective to help Steemians on their journey!

Random Thoughts – We have such big dreams for this platform. Education is critical to STEEM and once people start getting more comfortable and confident by using the dApps every day here, we will see a bigger and better blockchain for everyone. We’ve talked about SMT’s, more gamification elements, plans to reward our members even more…And what are we going to do with the @steemsavvy account lol At the end of the day, we’re only 7 days old…And plan to be here for 7 years and more…So we’ll show up everyday. Help as many Steemians as we can. And grow together….

I hope you join us on our journey to create the best STEEM education platform ever 🙂

Thank you for all your support and amazing feedback so far…It’s been amazing!!


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