SteemSavvy Update – Sneak Peek & Progress Report

What a week!

From the craziness that was hardfork 20 to the lack of major engagement on the blockchain, it’s been a trying week. Yet the general consensus around STEEM is a positive future! And I can’t agree more 😉

I spent the majority of my week adding more content and building the SteemSavvy training portal. Yup, I was productive this week even with all the downtime of hardfork 20 lol

As development of SteemSavvy continues, I thought it would be a good idea to showcase some of it’s progress. Hardfork 20 put the launch back a bit but I feel this is the right thing to do. Simply because so much has changed on the blockchain…Instead of rushing things, it’ll be best to have a better understanding of the changes to give our users the best information possible.

The goal of SteemSavvy is to onboard new Steemians and give them a good working knowledge of STEEM. It’s a big blockchain and very confusing for the new user.

So SteemSavvy hopes to help solve the confusion!

It’s not meant to be the be all and end all of STEEM education, rather a starting point that encourages new Steemians to grow in the platform and with it!


(A snapshot of the intro page new users see before they progress into the lessons.)

The step by step instructional videos will encourage users to poke around in their account but also learn by doing…

Some lessons will require ACTION and the members will have to complete certain tasks to unlock the next lesson. I’ve used this method for years in my ‘offchain businesses‘ and it helps user retention better than anything else I’ve tried.


(New videos pop up as the member does the task…I know it says referral ID, don’t mind the bad description lol)

New users gain confidence by accomplishing these tasks and learn by doing. It’s a win win for not only the user but also the STEEM blockchain.

Members will be accomplishing small tasks but working towards a bigger goal….Completing a module 🙂

With each completed module they will unlock new lessons as well as achievement badges….Yup, badges will BE here!!!


(This is just a rough draft as we are getting multiple unique custom badges created, these are just a placeholder images.)

There will again, be multiple modules…From Basic STEEM Introduction lessons, to an entire module on the dApps of STEEM. We have quite a few modules with multiple lessons in each module planned. However the way SteemSavvy is set up, users will be ‘drip fed’ the training content and cannot progress to the more advanced lessons until they complete the current steps.


(View of the introduction module. New users must complete the first lesson / video before progressing to the next step.)

As this week goes on, I will be adding more videos into the dApps module as well as the Tips And Tricks module…Those should be done by the end of this week and we could see a launch of SteemSavvy as soon as this time next week. But like I said, I do not want to rush it! There is so much I want to add to this training platform but I need to practice what I preach….Keep it simple! lol

Anyways, as you can tell…I’m fired up about SteemSavvy!

But I would LOVE for you to get involved, with ideas, feedback and suggestions…Please take a minute to join our Discord server that I set up for SteemSavvy and we can build this new platform for Steemians to succeed for the years to come.

I’ll keep you updated throughout the week on how we’re progressing 🙂


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