SteemSavvy Update – Updates & New Lessons Added

With all the craziness of Steemfest finally in the rear view mirror and then coming down with the ‘Steemfest Flu‘, I actually did manage to get some work done on SteemSavvy.

Part of my plan with going to Krakow for Steemfest was to bring awareness to the SteemSavvy project. I got to meet with quite a few witnesses as well as Steemians interested in what we have built (and continue to build). It was so awesome to hear their opinions on the project plus the valuable feedback I got from everyone…

One thing that was important to note is the efforts we will be doing ‘off chain’. It’s fine and dandy to tell present Steemians that we have an awesome training platform for them, but we want to see Steem…Everywhere! So again, a big part of our roadmap going forward is promotion off-chain. That has begun for SteemSavvy and we hope to help bring more people to Steem and educate them and help them on their journey…

Let’s get onto the changes and additions….

1. The website is now mobile friendly. I’m going to be working on a better design for the site but it was imperative that we developed the site to function on mobile. We got that taken care of and you can no use SteemSavvy on your mobile phones 🙂

2. 2 new lessons have been added. First up, a short tutorial on @vimm that can be found in the ‘dApps of STEEM’ module;

As well as a brand new lesson about @blocktrades delegation and how to leverage it for your account growth on Steem. This can be found in your ‘Tips N’ Tricks’ module;

Both lessons are up and working now, so if you have completed your dApps of STEEM and Tips N’ Tricks modules, you will need to log in and complete those tasks to move forward in your training 🙂

3. We’ll be developing the @steemsavvy account as well. I registered this account and to be honest, wasn’t sure exactly the direction I wanted to take with it. But we plan on rewarding members for taking action and graduating through the lessons. And that will come in the form of upvotes / SBI units / STEEM and SBD rewards….The exact plan for this is still be ironed out…But once it’s active….It’s game on 😉

Like I mentioned when we began, new training, features and lessons will be added consistently. The trip to Krakow gave me some awesome ideas on future lessons and I can’t wait to share them with SteemSavvy members.

However….Slow and steady wins the race!

It’s really important that I don’t give too much too quick, I wanted SteemSavvy to be ‘Steem for the rest of us‘ and that means…Keeping things simple! Straight forward. And not too much, too soon!

And with that…We’d love to get your feedback on how we can improve the experience for you.

Please do take a second to join our Discord community and send any feedback or comments that you feel can help.

Thank you so much for your support and I look forward to interacting and engaging with you all!


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