Stop…And See What’s Right In Front Of You…

I just had an awesome afternoon hanging out with @theycallmedan @themarkymark @nicholaslive and @pennsif as they hosted the first ‘STEEM Tank’ show! I was honored to be able to showcase @SteemSavvy and all the amazing members of it’s community for a few minutes to raise awareness to our little side of the blockchain 🙂

SteemSavvy has been my passion since September of last year. And in that short time we’ve met some amazing people…

From welcoming @PixiePost to our community to meeting awesome sauce Steemians like @CryptoFiloz and @MyTechTrail ….It’s been a blast and I’m so honored to have you all in our community 🙂

What I saw this afternoon made me fall in love with this blockchain even more…

I’ll try my best to describe this without being too mushy 😉

First of all, these guys volunteered their time and even potentially their resources to support….STEEM! This shows how community driven this blockchain is and the massive potential it has because it understands it’s most important resource….

I’m reading Austin Kleon’s new book (book review tomorrow btw lol) called KEEP GOING….It’s about being creative when the world seems to be against you. Staying the course per se…You know, sticking to things in a bear market when everyone else has jumped ship!

The above image is something that really impacted me and I had to write about it today…Combined with the STEEM Tank show, it seemed perfect!

This quote made be realize two things…

First – STEEM isn’t a top 20 coin! Even though we all believe it should be. Is it under valued? I think so…But it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. So what should we do? Curl up and complain about the price of this token? Or do we continue to build. And continue to showcase what we DO HAVE here and that’s the people. And the amazing applications…! I’m not trying to impress the masses that have written off this blockchain or crypto in general…

Second – It made me understand how important the work we are doing @SteemSavvy is. Are we talked about often when it comes to Steem based education? Nope. But what we do have is amazing Steemians trying to grow their knowledge and their presence on STEEM. I consider SteemSavvy to be very wealthy when it comes to the most important asset on the blockchain….It’s people!

So I choose to focus on these two things…

1. We focus on building STEEM….Regardless of what Steem is priced at!

I see the value at 3 bucks. So I most certainly see it at 35 cents.

2. I’m also putting my ALL into the Steem Savvy community. From weekly webinars, to awarding @SteembasicIncome units. The weekly Savvy Steemian member spotlight and making sure I reward my community for taking action everyday…That’s what I focus on.

I think when we stop and see what amazing resources and people we DO have…Right in front of us…We start to see Steem for the huge potential it truly is.

Don’t be too quick to start your day with a bunch of….

“I wish’s”

I wish I had this, wish I had that….

Instead let’s focus on what we do have and that’s the best community of any blockchain…Both on Steem itself and every single @SteemSavvy member that has believed in our project.

I will support you for LIFE Savvy Steemians 😉


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