Stop! Smell The Roses [VIDEO]

I have to share a funny story with you guys today…About roses? I promise, it’ll make sense…

So last night my wife was fed up! The lock on our front door has been nothing but trouble for years now. The key gets stuck, the lock doesn’t turn…So last night she had enough. She sent me off to Home Depot to buy a new lock for our front door…

I came back, got my tools from the basement and started to attempt to install our new lock. She suggested I watch the installation video, read the instructions before I began…Of course, being the guy I am, wouldn’t have anything to do with that and started to install the lock.

Nothing worked.

The lock wasn’t installed properly at all so she calmly suggested that I re-read the instructions and actually watch the video this time. And presto, it worked like a charm.

She taught me an important lesson in business (and life) last night…Sometimes, instead of rushing through things, maybe it’s a good game plan to stop, take our time and smell the roses.

This doesn’t mean we need to have analysis paralysis and not progress at all, what it means is that we need to take our time, and dive into things without assuming we know it all.

Appreciate things.

Learn things.

Try things.

But don’t rush into it with blinders on. And it’s very obvious, I was guilty of this last night and more times than I’d like to admit.

Are you joining a new program and want to become an expert in it? Poke around and learn everything you can about it. Experiment with it. But don’t go in assuming you know it all, or else you’re in for a wake up call.

Are you trying to become a leader in your niche? Read everything you can about it! Take your time and ask questions from experts in that field! But don’t ASSUME you have all the answers.

It’s amazing what a trip to Home Depot can teach you….

6 thoughts to “Stop! Smell The Roses [VIDEO]”

  1. Good one Jon – This is so true – We want everything now without doing the little steps and just taking time and enjoying the journey, it’s not a race either. 🙂

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