Stop Waiting For Upvotes & Delegation…Build This Thing Yourself!

STEEM is the blockchain of opportunity!

As a marketer I think this motto hits the nail on the head, perfectly! No other blockchain has so much upside that allows anyone from content creators to entrepreneurs build and grow their passion…With massive support from the most important asset in any project…It’s community!

The unique aspect of STEEM is the upvotes, curation and delegation that is built into the blockchain. This allows you to support the content and applications you enjoy, and provides entrepreneurs with very unique business models.

Up until today, a lot of these businesses have been built around delegation and the upvotes…Which is fine, but we are seeing new model like @steemmonsters and @drugwars that remove the need to rely on these forms of funding and support.

Still, the question that comes up the most when I’m hosting the #RoadTo300SP weekly sessions is…


So how does the newer Steemian even get noticed? Attract the upvotes? Build their relationships?

– Use the tools that are there for you!

– Show up everyday!

– Be grateful, remain humble!

I’m going to break down each of these points and some of them may not be the popular opinion. It’s important for me to explain WHY I do what I do….But at the end of the day, this is my journey and things that have worked for me…Results may vary 😉

1. Use The Tools That Are There For You – This won’t be a popular opinion but let me explain….

Bid bots are NOT the evil enterprises people make them out to be!

They are just tools that were built because of a market demand…

In fact, I have built a decent following and engagement with hundreds of Steemians using these services.

Are they abused?

Sadly, yes. People will abuse anything where they can potentially benefit from it. But what these services provide is…A voice!

I didn’t get any upvotes from the whales when I got started, and I didn’t expect any. So what could I do to get seen as a valuable contributor to STEEM? I promoted myself…And whether this is a good thing or bad thing, the only way to really promote yourself on the blockchain is by the bid bots.

Again, I’m not saying they are a perfect solution but as a marketer…I know I need to be seen or else I’m out of sight and out of mind. So use the tools that are out there to get your voice seen and heard…

2. Show Up Everyday – This is pretty simple really…And a huge part of the training I created at SteemSavvy centers around this simple truth…You cannot expect to make a million bucks here overnight. But when you show up, every day and deliver value to others journey…Things start to snowball!

Post content, engage in comments, use the dApps, network with others…But do it everyday! It’s MASSIVELY important to your journey on STEEM! I know this isn’t a sexy answer, and most people will roll their eyes because I talk about this so much…But that’s why only 2-3% of people will succeed in any business….They put in the work, DAILY!

(Shameless self promotion…If you come to this blog and engage with me every day, I’ll upvote ya and even send you some random @steembasicincome units…It’s the least i can do to show you I appreciate your time and engagement!!)

3. Be Grateful, Remain Humble – There is a lot of talk about apps ‘owing’ people an upvote. Or others demanding delegation from the powers that be…You are promised a few things in life, and an upvote or delegation aren’t on that list…

Look, would I love an upvote every day from an app or whale with millions in Steem Power? Sure…I want to make a living from my STEEM journey…But I’m not owed a damn thing! So I will build it myself!

I have put my blood, sweat and tears into my project SteemSavvy and will continue to do so. I am trying to build the easiest to use STEEM training platform online…However ‘Mr. Delegation’ hasn’t shown up yet and more than likely won’t…My business and passion for SteemSavvy is NOT relying on delegation. I’m building this with the amazing support of the Savvy community…

But when I do get an upvote or some delegation…I’m so grateful and humble…I’m always thankful for any upvote or delegation I get…And I know I need to KEEP building because tomorrow isn’t promised. When you focus on growing your account or project, you are too busy BUILDING to worry about any delegation or upvote drama…

When you concentrate on the journey and deliver value to your followers and community…You WILL attract the right attention!!


(Funny, I found this in my notes this morning…Seemed to be appropriate to the content today…)

I’ve been on STEEM for 15 months now…And I’m grateful for all the experiences and lessons I’ve learned…

I encourage you to follow through and keep creating! Keep engaging! And keep showing up every day…Because we will ALL win in the end!



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