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Stop Wasting Time, Build Your Email List Now!

In a private Skype group last night, the topic came up once again….How do we get more people focused on building their email list?

Broken record I know…

You’ve heard it before multiple times in the past month I’m sure…

But one attendee Carla Frey decided to compare building an email list to Einstein’s popular ‘compound interest’ example. Carla stated, that we need to think long term and focus on the positive of daily list building for the future. Using the compund interest model, she showed all of us in attendance how important it was to add…Just one new subscriber a day to our email list. And repeat this, each and every day…

The results?

It’s exciting to think about…

Imagine we add one new subscriber to our email list for a month. So that’s 30 total.

Now let’s remember, the average per subscriber you should be earning is about $1 per month. Now yes, that’s an average, so results may vary. However if you have all your funnels in place, and you are dedicated to delivering value to your email list daily, $1 a month is a given.

That’s $30 in monthly residual income. Now do that again the following month, $60…And the next $90….And so on.

You can see how that can add up.

But let’s use simple evergreen affiliate products to show you the awesome potential of just adding 1 new subscriber a day…

email list

Oh boy does this get exciting now…

So you would earn about 20% on Rocket Responder a month…30% on and a whopping 50% on Kore4. So it comes out to $22 a month per subscriber that takes action.

So let’s say you get 10% conversion on those 30 members you are bringing into your list every month. 3 out of 30…That’s $66 in residual income…A MONTH!

Now let Carla’s compound example take shape and you combine that $66 with another next month and so on…

That’s REAL income, from simply building your email list and suggesting quality ever green products to them. Heck, we haven’t even started to talk about other things you may promote to your lists, whether it be an online opportunity or your business.

I get goose bumps just thinking about this 🙂

All in all, I don’t think you will find a better ROI online. In my almost 2 decades of being in business, nothing and I mean nothing, can compete with building your email list!

5 thoughts to “Stop Wasting Time, Build Your Email List Now!”

  1. Great post Jon. You breaking it down like you did. And what I saw from Carla and Aaron on there blog posts. maybe this will start getting more people into list building, Even if its one person a day. That one person starts out like say a little puddle. the soon more and more are getting the message and soon . We’ve gone from a little puddle of list builders. To a whole Ocean of them.

  2. This is just sound advice. Everything I do in my business is to focus on generating the lead, provide value, and promote back-end. Bingo!

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