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Welcome to my new blog contribution. Now will also be contributing here at Plus1Daily.com

I want to thank Jon Olson for the invitation. I really love all the blogs here. One of the places I reply the most at. I really just love the community here.

I’m here to encourage you to always #GetYourSocialOn¬†and we can put everything we discuss into practice by just Tweeting ME


Let’s get started by discussing what we we should discussing here and more importantly on other social media. Most of my blogs will meander arround engagement and getting the most out of the various networks. But with like any valuable tool, I could discuss any aspect and a good group will get some help from that. But the beginner and so on might not. I believe we should build together, by starting at the very beginning. And thought this theme would fit in with my first contribution here.

So be before you start Tweeting, Tubing, and Touting various things on the various mediums you should develop a strategy of immediate goals you would like to reach. A new contact for your business? Are you looking to partner with others? Or looking for true partners to build a brand together? Perhaps you just selling christmas stockings? Etc…?

Let’s say you sell the stockings. Just by the nature of your business and needs of this business instantly dictate the various individuals, groups, and events you should seek out and make contact with. Take a look at your current listings of those you follow, do they resemble those needs? If not, than look at those that follow you. If you don’t have a directed plan you will have both random followers, and the others will be related to those you follow and converse and post to. These two have a direct correlation with each other. Start cleaning up your list of those you follow. Quality vs quanity and all that. Not to mention will make it easier on yourself by getting to the people you need to.

This is probably the quickest change to a social account to have start, pardon the pun, trending in the right direction. And look I know we feel like we have to do it all in one fail swoop. Just take some time and here and there. Say just 10 of your contacts at a time. Do a quick review, many are easy to tell right off if they will help you reach your goals or not. Another great tip and which also leads into my next subject is are these people either communicating with you, or are they responsive to you. Now don’t be hasty here. Make sure these are people you have reached out to in the past. Don’t expect just because you follow they will instantly become communicative.

Another great way to start getting those accounts productive is to start adjusting your content from a certain product or just the plain jane, to showing others you are really looking to connect. It’s as easy as hi in many cases. Others the more “love” you show will start to come around. Do take in mind that those with a large following are naturally not going to respond two mins after you attempt to connect with them. You have two ways of reaching someone. Direct contact or by content.

Now the content will draw people to you, that you didn’t even know. If you constantly talk and post about a certain area, naturally over time you make more contacts in this area. Just really delve into it, and just by chatting and excitement you will be branding yourself as someone to go to on said subject. And if the content your putting out on the subject is good natured and makes you seem approachable all the better.

This is were being direct really is at it’s best. Of course you have reached out to your current list of followers and those you follow at this point. But as people like, comment, share, retweet whatever they do with it this is best time to connect with them. You are fresh in their mind and you instantly you are showing your responsive. And if you custom your response to show you appreciate there time and interest in you. Instantly take notice of their page. Commenting or sharing it is a wonderful way of ingratiating yourself. These little things can lead to lifelong friends and associates. So little everyday will lead to great things.

In no time at all these tips will get your social exploits pointed in the right direction. The next topic I may broach will be organizing and than utilization of the organization in both promoting yourself and most certainly growing your network.

Thank again for taking the time to read this. I look forward to the great conversations.




2 thoughts to “Taking the first step…Socially That IS!!”

  1. Lots of great content here Presley. That is one of the things I have let slide with so much going on. I will start implementing some of your ideas even today. Keep up the great work.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Carla. I hope some of it helped. Just a bit here and there and slowly you will see you a difference.

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