Tell The World, You Are Live! [VIDEO]

Live streaming! It’s kinda becoming a big deal! I remember 6 years ago, Tim Linden and me got to talking, we decided way back then to just start streaming live and interacting with our customers on a daily basis.

It didn’t have to be professional business talk, we just wanted to hang out. We thought, if people saw how ‘real‘ we were, and we focused on building relationships with our customers only good things could come from it.

Fast forward to the present day and wow, what an impact it has had.

It’s gone through some changes over the years but the goal is still the same…Show up, and interact with people in a live environment. Give them value and do it consistently.

The recent news that Instagram Live will be coming online in the next few days really got me excited. Live streaming isn’t just a passing fad. It isn’t some kind of thing only the teenagers are doing. This is a real platform and avenue to get your message, brand and personality across to thousands….For free!

Live streaming is much more than just showing up on camera and being goofy, it’s about building relationships with people. It’s about showing your customers that you CARE about them and actually want to be around them. Does it take effort? Absolutely, but the more you start streaming, the easier it does get.

Here are a few things I have heard over the years that is stopping marketers from streaming live:

1. They Don’t Know What To Talk About
– Remember our exercise in using a mind map last week? We all have at least ONE THING we love to talk about. One passion we have in our lives. By using a mind map, you can discover content for months for your live streams. There is no excuse for WHAT to talk about, the problem sometimes becomes what NOT to talk about lol

2. There Are So Many Live Streaming Services, Which One Should I Use?
– Periscope, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, SnapChat, Ustream, Spreecast, Huzza….There seems to be an endless amount of platforms you can use to stream live. Here’s what I decided years ago…Pick one or two, and focus on those. You don’t need to be a master at each service. Sure, you should poke around and try them all, but find one that fits you and your business the best. For me, it’s been YouTube and Periscope.

3. I’m Shy And Scared of What Others May Say – Fun fact, people are going to say mean things! People are going to make fun of you. They might also call you names. Want to know why? Everyone has courage when they are behind a username and not live on camera. You are putting yourself OUT THERE for the world to pick apart. And you know what that does….It attracts the RIGHT people. The more confident you grow in your live streaming the more you start to see that haters will be haters…They are almost needed because if you have none, you aren’t doing a good enough job to put yourself out there.

I love live streaming! I truly believe we are at the beginning stages of something that is going to change media and our world forever. The best part about this, we are the early adopters! We can have a huge impact on our businessesif we start to embrace this right now and not wait for the rest of the world to catch on….Tell the world! You are LIVE on air!

4 thoughts to “Tell The World, You Are Live! [VIDEO]”

  1. I am afraid of looking awful and not knowing what to say. I guess I could just ask everyone what they are doing. I don’t know if I could use Instagram and talk about Adkreator because Facebook banned it. But I could put the birds on Instagram. Mind mapping sounds good. Yes the more you do the more your confidence will grow. 🙂

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