Thank You For Your Input, I Appreciate Your Feedback

A few days ago I sent an email update with a link to a super short survey for readers to fill out.

I think it’s extremely important for me, as a content creator, to listen to what YOU want to read about and learn about. This blog doesn’t grow without being useful to you, the reader. So I felt it was critical for me to ask YOU what you thought of the content.

Overall, I had 100% of people surveyed say they were happy and content with what Plus 1 Daily as delivering. I’m grateful for that 🙂 However digging a bit deeper I saw some areas that this blog could use a push.

First up was a shock to my ego LOL

I thought everyone would love the book reviews I was doing, however only 4% seemed to enjoy the content. That being said, I will tone done the reviews I do to a few a month instead of one weekly.


I do believe self education and reading plays a big part in a ‘Plus 1’ journey, so I will still talk about books 😉 However I see where the focus needs to be, which is fine with me because….

I love building lists (and talk about it weekly on the Rocket Responder Blog) and I REALLY love affiliate / internet marketing. I’m looking forward to creating more content in those areas for you 🙂

Next up, was my live streams on Facebook Live. I admit, it’s been a struggle for me to keep on a steady schedule these days with the birth of my son however we don’t have time for excuses! So I’ll make sure I put more effort into delivering solid content for you on the live streams.


The responses on the survey gave me so much to think about and some great ideas were given by the readers. I’m grateful that many of you took the time to fill out the survey and offer your feedback.

Going forward, I can’t wait to focus on the content YOU want to read about and am looking forward to delivering my best to you every single blog post.

Thank you for being a reader!

3 thoughts to “Thank You For Your Input, I Appreciate Your Feedback”

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