The 4 P’s Of Success

The 4 P's Of Success

Show up everyday! Build your list! Stay the course! Don’t give up! Stick out like a sore thumb! Be remarkable…

The advice is endless when it comes to learning how to be a success with your online business. Ask any life coach or marketing guru and they’ll show you the way…Right to their $995 coaching package.

All kidding aside, success to me is very simple to attract. It’s not some kind of magical formula that’s reserved for only the elite, it’s there for everyone! I’ve broken it down to what I call the 4 P’s of Success and this has worked for me over the years. By no means is this the be all and end all of finding YOUR success online and heaven knows I’m working each and every day to get better in all of the ‘P’s’ ..

However if you find something of value in these examples, it’s done it’s job! Let’s examine each…

1. People – People before profits in every single thing you do! Here’s why I truly believe the ‘PEOPLE’ are the ones that determine your success in the long run.

There’s that old Zig Ziglar quote that has been rampant in success circles for decades and it says ‘If you help enough people get what they want in life, you’ll get everything you want in life…’

Zig was bang on with this assessment! When you put other people before yourself, you are serving them. You are building the habit of service and this can potentially pay huge dividends down the road. The important thing, is you are putting people first because it’s the right thing to do, not because you think it might pay off by being friendly. The more you are putting others before yourself, your reputation starts to grow for all the right reasons. You can believe in the Law of Attraction or not…You will start to attract the right PEOPLE.

2. Passion
– The ‘Monday Morning Whines’…Go to Facebook and you’ll see what I mean…Each and every week, people throw up posts, memes and images about how they hate Mondays, and they can’t wait for the weekend. Here’s a clue, if you don’t love what you are doing and have genuine passion for every aspect of it…You are dying a slow and painful death! We have one life to live, you should be spending your time on things you LOVE and have a passion for.

LOVE what you do! Be passion about it. It’s contagious, it’s exciting to be around and your passion rubs off on others. You will attract the right customers when you love what you do each and every day. Passion never ever ever ever fails!

3. Purpose – Your reason why! Why are you passionate about your business? What are your goals? What are your dreams? What is the reason you are staying up at 4 am to write that last blog post or email campaign? Here’s a tip….If it’s ‘just to get rich’, that’s not a strong enough reason why.

Newsflash – We all want to make money!

What separates you from your competition? What drives you more than anyone else in your circle? Once you answer that, you have your purpose mapped out. It allows you to endure the roller coaster that is entrepreneurship. Things will go bad, things will break…Your purpose keeps you on course to weather the storms!

4. Profits – Notice how this is last on the list? But it’s ON THE LIST! Again like I mentioned, if you are trying to build an online business, you are trying to make a living. It’s not your primary reason but it’s very important to make sure you are seeing growth in your business. Track and measure what you are doing and how you are performing!

Here’s an example of what this can do…If you are in affiliate marketing, you may launch your own website down the road and start paying out thousands of dollars a week in commissions to your members…(That’s what we are doing each and every week ourselves!)

Their experience with you is rewarding, they are excited and start spreading the news about your business, you attract even more customers….

But it all starts with PEOPLE!

Your people are taken care of…Your passion and purpose is fuelling your affiliate marketing business…Profits come in!

How’s that for a success formula?

You may not totally agree with this, you may have your own ‘P’s’ for Success…The important thing I really want to stress is that it begins and ends with your people! If you don’t take care of them, you will never find your passion or purpose..And you can forget about any profits.

Success doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t need a $1000 coaching package to discover your purpose and passion. Get working on your relationships with your people and the profits will come naturally…

4 thoughts to “The 4 P’s Of Success”

  1. I’d guess I’d have to say my passion for doing this is to have a better life. When my wife and I first got married in 2000 we both had good full time jobs between us we averaged about $1000 a week everything was going great. Our son was born in July 2001 Then the bottom fell out. We both lost our jobs. Since then its been part time jobs with lousy pay. And my son was born is July of 2001 we had so much planned as to what we wanted to do as a family and I had so much I had planned as a Father and Son. Were both back to work making no where near what we used to make, I’m really hoping between that and my online business we can start doing some of the things we had planned on doing. So this is so long

    1. I hear you man. Completely feel you on that. Our kids are a big reason why we wanna get better every day and provide for them. It’s an awesome foundation for your business.

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