The 4 Unique Personalities Of Online Marketers

Which One Are You-

Being in business for so many years, it’s remarkable how you can look back and pin point the unique traits and personalities of the people you have met over the years…

Let’s be honest, most come, most go as the attrition rate of people looking to build a business online has always been high. As a business person looking to ‘cater’ to different groups of people, I think it’s critical to know your market and I’ve seen 4 very unique groups of people since I started trying to build an online business almost two decades ago…

Let’s see if you agree with these ‘types’…

1. The Grumpy Gus / Negative Nancy’s – These are what could be labelled as ‘haters’. They hate everything. They throw everything new under the bus. They can’t stand change and will argue with anyone that tries to go against the status quo. Generally unpleasant to be around but for some reason…Attract VERY similar personality types and become a mob. Just as success breeds success, haters multiply like rabbits and hold each other back from accomplishing great things. They are out there and they are loud. In 2016, if you don’t see one of these kind of people pointing a finger at you, you aren’t doing a good enough job of creating something remarkable. Hug your haters but you don’t need to be drawn into their world.

2. The Cautious Colin’s – This group of marketer has seen a lot. They have tried their hand in business before but maybe it didn’t work out for them. Perhaps they lost money in business before and have never gotten out of their funk. They do embrace SOME risk but are very selective of who they listen to and who they follow. These can be potentially INCREDIBLE business people but they don’t embrace the art of getting out of their comfort zone enough. Take your time and develop a strong relationship with them, you can’t blame them for being cautious…But still encourage them to take a chance!

3. The Slot Machine Marketer – Oh boy, where do I start? These kind of business people take too much risk. They jump from program to program, opportunity to opportunity and never stay the course in any one business. They want immediate success and rarely give their business much time to mature and prosper. Sneaky marketers LOVE these kind o people because they know it’s a great easy quick buck to make. However while they have the attention span of a goldfish, it’s important to note that they AT LEAST take risk and take action. Now it’s your job to slow them down and show them how to build a LONG TERM business. While they aren’t a guarantee for long term relationships, some do finally get it…How do I know? I was once the biggest slot machine marketer on the planet 🙂

4. The Past, Present & Future Business Person – This is the end goal! This is what we all strive to become. This is the 1% of the online marketers that are here in a year from now. This is what we should all strive to become. We accept the past, we embrace that we’ve made mistakes and continue to grow and learn every day. We work hard every day and are truly grateful for the present. And we are excited and hopeful for the future. This takes years to develop and grow into this kind of business person but it is possible. We take a little bit of every other ‘type’ and create someone with long term vision and the desire to build a business each and every day!

If you can tell, we see a little bit of each personality in us right now. And that’s o.k., we grow and mature into better business people and better human beings. But it takes time. Embrace the change and embrace the action steps needed t become better.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on each personality type and how you ‘broke out’ of your comfort zone….

4 thoughts to “The 4 Unique Personalities Of Online Marketers”

  1. Hi Jon great post! I love how you described each personality type and you did it in a humorous way. I love that. I was chuckling while reading your post.

    The Haters yes – a big mob lol of them too. 😀 I see that all the time. They are grumpy, negative and unpleasant to be around. Nothing makes them happy.

    The Cautious Colin’s will never get anywhere.

    The Slot Machine marketers are insane to throw away all their money. Allot of them don’t know how to build a business. Some do and are still in denial. The slot machine marketers are gambling their money away.

    The past, present and future person are few and far between.

    I was a slot machine marketer and now the past, present and future person. 🙂

    1. Thanks Barb! I think we can see a little bit of each ‘type’ in all of us…I know I had a little bit in myself…lol

      1. Great Post, Yes I have a little bit of all types but always been the number 4 who actively progressively moves forward with new innovations and resilience regardless of present circumstances or past events. I think the number 4 type are the ones with vision. 🙂

        1. Thank you sir. Completely agree with that too. It took me a while but once I ‘got it’ I saw the real power of long term vision and not living day to day in business, but having a game plan and sticking to it.

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