The Best 2 Bucks You Can Spend….SteemNinja Is Brilliant!

Onboarding is our number one stumbling block when it comes to bringing the world to STEEM….

We have the best dApps.

The most vibrant and supportive community…

But when people want to join STEEM, they seem to have to jump through hoops to get an account.

Oh sure, we could sign up through but that’s not a guarantee…Their wait list has been as long as 3 weeks if not more to get an account. And in the era of 3 second attention spans…That just simply won’t do!

Combine the fact that we need ‘resource credits’ to actually do things on the blockchain…You can see the issues STEEM must face for more adoption.

There have been some cool services that future Steemians can use to secure their account. From Anon.Steem to SteemMonsters…We have some great options out there to bring people to the blockchain.

The latest is a project by the @oracle-d team called Steem Ninja!


I LOVE simple!

There is something to be said about making a process simple when it comes to ANYTHING blockchain related…

Want an account on STEEM? Press this and that…Presto, your account created!

And that’s exactly what my experience was using yesterday!

I have an idea for a new STEEM project so I was in the market of a new account. I had learned about Steem Ninja and decided to give it a go….

The process was as easy as 1, 2, 3….

Step 1 – Pick your username! This is straightforward but look at what I highlighted in that screen shot….Each account created with Steem Ninja gets 15 Steem Power delegated to it for 90 days! Why is this important? Because like I mentioned above, without resource credits, new accounts can’t do anything on the blockchain! This helps new Steemians get a kick start and actually be able to use the dApps!

Step 2 – Your Account Is Validated! Once you get your username aproved…You get a TXT file to download with all your passwords and keys! Again…Crazy simple! Just download it and print it out and then you have your codes and keys for life….No hoops to jump through. Easy!

Step 3 – The Best $2 You Can Spend! Now comes the CRAZY part…You can pay for your STEEM account with any major credit card using the STRIPE payment processor. Are you sitting down? A new STEEM account on Steem Ninja costs a grand total of $2 USD….Yeah you read that right! Not only do you get a brand spanking new account, you also get those 15 Steem Power to get it started! HUGE WIN!

The process from step 1 to 3 was flawless. Very smooth and easy to understand and that to me in the most important aspect to this project…It can be confusing when introducing new people to a blockchain…Steem Ninja makes this as EASY as possible to get set up!

As you can see….I’m a big fan of this project but my addiction to this is just beginning….

I’ve been working hard over the past few months building Steem Savvy!

We have fantastic training and in depth lessons on how new Steemians can join the blockchain…But actually GETTING an account….Is the hurdle!

I’m in the process of adding Steem Ninja to the SteemSavvy training…As one of the first lessons new Steemians will see when they join 🙂

Not only do I believe Steem Ninja is the best value to get new Steemians a working account…But they have included an affiliate program to their service!

For each new account you bring into STEEM via Steem Ninja, you get 3 SP delegated to you for 90 days!

Again…Win-Win 🙂

So enough of me talking….Because I need to get to work to get this fully integrated into SteemSavvy. With hundreds of new members joining Savvy, this new project powered by @oracle-d is the perfect fit for bringing new Steemians to the blockchain.


Tons of value!

And affordable!

=> Find out more about Steem Ninja on their official introductory post here!


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