The Blocktrades Steem Power Delegation – It’s What All The Cool Kids Are Using!

So the past 48 hours in crypto land have been…A doozy! Prices are crashing and the end is on the horizon…If you believe the nay sayers….

For a lot of us that are newer to STEEM and didn’t get in at 2016 and early 2017 prices, we’re licking our chops!

This is what we all wanted, an opportunity to build our Steem Power without paying $4 each per STEEM or higher…So yeah we’d all love to be cruising in the Lambo’s and seeing STEEM to the moon, but I take this a huge opportunity.

And one of the tricks I learned from Steemfest was something @nathanmars shared with me and it makes so much sense. Now by all means, this is not a guarantee in instant riches, far from it. However it’s a way to build up your reputation as well as Steem Power during this down trend in the markets….Without spending a small fortune.

And to make this happen, we need to use the amazing services offered at Blocktrades!

Step 1: For this example, I’ll be using the wallet via for simplicity sake. So the first thing you do is click on ‘Wallet’ on your account…

That will pop up the Blocktrades trading platform that many of you are already familiar with. This is my preferred way to purchase STEEM and it’s the easiest I’ve found…

Coinbase -> Blocktrades -> STEEM

Send my fiat to Coinbase, then trade the crypto in Coinbase to STEEM via Blocktrades….Stupid simple! I’m sure there are many other ways and maybe even cheaper, but I’m all about…Keeping it simple lol

Step 2: I use Litecoin when I’m trading mainly for speed sake and low transaction fees, but this example works with any pairing that is in Blocktrades. Currently the cost of one LTC is around $42 USD each. Which is SUPER cheap but who knows where this may go in the future. Down or up….It is after all the crypto currency roller coaster.

But if you notice this screen shot, you’ll see that when you choose ‘Steem Power Delegation‘ in the drop down on the right…You get a TON for cheap!


Now compare it to what you would get if you just bought straight up STEEM and powered it up in your account…


You are getting around 18 times more Steem Power when you choose the delegation option.

Now yes, that is only for 90 days and you don’t get to keep that unless you re-up at the end of 3 months. But here’s where it gets exciting….

Ask yourself this;

What can you do with an extra 1300 Steem Power or more in 90 days?

1. How many of your followers can you empower with upvotes?

2. You can upvote so many more people in your comments!

3. It will attract more attention to your account…Because let’s be honest, the higher the Steem Power, the more attention an account gets.

4. And how much will your account grow if you are paying it forward during those 90 day??

Personally, it’s a no brainer for me!

Because there is a second part to this concept…I can then delegate my own Steem Power to projects and people I believe in!

Yup, I can recoup the ‘donated delegation‘ by using Blocktrades 90 days delegation. And it’s not going to cost me a fortune to do it. Literally, at current prices I can recoup every single Steem Power I send out to the market for about $180 USD…

For me $180 (at current prices) is fairly cheap if I do that every quarter….Under $800 a year to give BACK to the people that follow me and give FORWARD to the entire Steem ecosystem.

These are just the crazy ideas we discussed in Krakow and I have to thank @nathanmars once again for the development of this idea.


I’ve also included this concept into the training at SteemSavvy, as well as a few other lessons. It’s important for me to keep content fresh and up to date in the training so this is something I think could benefit Steemians once they get their feet wet. It’s in your ‘Tips N’ Tricks’ module if you are trying to find it 🙂

Let me know what you think of this concept and how it can help everyone on STEEM grow their account!

The prices may stay low or keep getting lower…Or they may rise….Who knows where crypto is going lol But right now, is the perfect opportunity for us that ‘wished’ we got in on day one to secure a token that we believe in…Regardless of price!


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