The Business Plan & Why It’s Not That Important? [VIDEO]

The business plan! Every school on the planet teaches business students that this is the first step in their business journey. It’s what you ‘have to have in place‘ before you even begin…Or is it? Click ‘Read More’ as we dive into what I think is even more critical to your success in business…

5 thoughts to “The Business Plan & Why It’s Not That Important? [VIDEO]”

  1. Thanks Jon for the informative video!

    Business plan changes with time, but Mission Statements stay the same and it becomes the guide to stay on course! When one is lost, we just need to look back at our Mission Statement to develop a new game plan. It helps us to focus.

    Looking forward to more of your posts!

  2. This new platform is really working to your strengths Jon. No distractions, just your message. Love it. This is one really awesome video. Oh and by the way, it’s not possible that anyone could be better looking than you…so no threat there.


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