The Content Creator Survival Kit For Steem

I am always looking on how to improve my content creation here on the blockchain. Here’s why I think it’s so important for us, as creators, to ignore the doom and gloom and create NOW. Prices are down, attention is fickle…But at the end of the day, we will be the ones looked at when things turn around. So my recommendation is simple…

Create everyday!

And here are some of my ‘must have resources’ for creating as much as I can on the Steem blockchain and of course,


This goes WITHOUT saying. It’s my must have resource. All my graphics are created via Canva and it’s without a doubt, the tool I use the most. Here’s a few reasons why…First, you should always include a blog header. And Canva has some great options for you. Custom design them, or use one of the templates they have. It’s amazing what you can create.

But here’s the big reason….

content creation

2. @SteemPress

I’m very biased because this has been my go-to blogging plugin since it started! SteemPress is amazing and allows me to kill two birds with one stone. I can post my content directly to my off-chain blog, while still posting to Steem. And it’s got so many features that allows you to edit and post with ease.

But the big reason….

It displays EXACTLY the same, on both your WordPress blog and many of the Steem front end condensers like, and others…You can check out their plus in by going here!

3. A Populated Bookshelf!

One of the biggest reasons that I hear from people about not creating content is…They are unsure of what to write about!

Wanna solve that problem in less than a minute…Read a book! I make it a habit of reading at LEAST one book every 2 weeks now, and when I get my nose deep into a good book, I start to fill my notepads with ideas to write about. In my opinion, there is NOTHING more valuable when it comes to an investment than your personal library!

Wanna create better content and much MORE content…Dive into a book!

4. A Notepad / Journal

Seems simple enough right?

content creator

I make it a habit to take notes from the world around me. Specifically while I’m…Reading a book, watching an education video, reading some content on Steem…Because here’s the truth. We are surrounded by inspiration all the time. And as smart as we think we are, I guarantee you won’t remember that awesome idea you came up while watching a video by @theycallmedan . Write. It. Down!!!

5. Steem Power!!!

Yup, that good ol’ fashioned pick me up that is…Steem Power!

This is a fantastic platform to create your epic pieces of content on. And we are in a unique position to get more people to this blockchain that will look for the leaders and authority figures on Steem. But if people come and see…

content creator

Well….Let’s just say that doesn’t scream ‘I take this seriously!

If we want to be looked at as leaders when the masses start poking around, it’s time to put the money where the mouth is and power up! Heck, what’s Steem right now? 13 cents….Now is the time to stock up!

I hope this quick post helped you on your creative journey here on Steem. Of course, we need the right attitude and the dedication to create as much as we can. That should go without saying. And when we use these tools to get inspired and make our content the best it can be, we will attract amazing readers and content consumers along the way!

I hope you found this post valuable and thank you so much for reading!



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