The dApps Are Our Beacon Of Hope!

If you have not yet joined in the fun on ‘Crypto Twitter’, I highly suggest that you do…

In fact, it’s become more ‘Steem Twitter’ over the past few weeks thanks in large part to this amazing community on the blockchain.

Give me a follow while you are at it 😉

Enough of the shameless self promotion 😉

Anyways, today I was poking around and saw a Tweet from a fellow Steemian that pointed to @stateofthedapps and something on their rankings page absolutely blew my mind….

state of the dapps

(Via StateOfTheDapps.com/rankings)

5…Count them 5…Of the top 10 blockchain based Apps on planet earth…Are on STEEM!

I don’t think we need any more evidence that we have the best dApps online 🙂

This also made me think about a recent post by @exyle where he talked about the amazing job some of these dApps do to help onboard new Steemians using fiat.

Examples can be found at both @steemmonsters and my personal favorite @steem.ninja (from @oracle-d) where they have the options for new Steemians to come on board…Without waiting weeks for an account. They can roll up their sleeves to experience the STEEM blockchain within minutes..

I am working to bring the Steem Ninja service to Steem Savvy and fully integrate it into our training…It’s that easy to use and work with! If you know me, you know I like ‘simple and easy‘ when it comes to anything tech related lol

Folks…The future of this blockchain IS the dApps!

We can see the activity and the thriving communities each of these dApps have and with helpful onbaording tools like these, we’re about to see much more adoption! Steem’s not perfect and we can improve on so much…But I think onboarding will become much easier with the help of the dApps…And the proof is there.

The dApps will lead the charge! The community will be the fuel!

It’s funny…Ethereum (Number 3 on CoinMarketCap) and EOS (Number 4 on CoinMarketCap) have billions in market cap and are both top coins and tokens on many people’s radar. But here is STEEM…


Number 50….

The little engine that could 🙂

With thriving communities and exciting dApps leading the charge…I think we’re in a great place! We’re like the best kept secret in the crypto space and yeah, there are things that should improved…However…

I remain positive and think the best is yet to come…Hold on folks, this going to be an awesome ride!


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