The Deepest Principle In Human Nature Is….

You know the golden rule right?

“Treat others like you want to be treated!”

It comes from age old philosophy as well as some biblical verses that hammer home this powerful point…People just wanna feel good! And you have the ability to make them feel good…By treating them good!

It’s amazing how this simple idea can be lost in today’s world. A simple act of kindness, a smile, a gracious response…Little tiny acts of kindness, that can change someones day.

“O.K. Jon, what does this have to do with STEEM?”

Great question and I’m glad you asked!

I came across this quote recently that helped me see the bigger picture for STEEM. It allowed me to remember why I’m so passionate about this place and how much potential I believe it truly has…



The feeling you get when you are appreciated is about as good as it gets. Now I know someone who is a lot smarter than me could break this down into a science and explain why it’s such a good feeling. But I’ll just leave it at this…

I will go to ends of the earth for anyone if I feel they appreciate me!

Bold statement?

Maybe but how does this translate into a lesson we can use here on STEEM?

It’s part of my game plan on the blockchain…The one thing I crave more than anything here is engagement. Because I know, with engagement lots of other fantastic things start showing up at your doorstep.

So my goal, every time I post some content is get my followers and readers to engage with me.

And it’s not just some self serving trick either…To show how much I APPRECIATE the engagement, I always upvote comments and try to respond to every single person that comes to my blog!

I feel it’s the least I can do for my readers but more importantly…I want them to know that I appreciate them!

This is why STEEM has so much potential in my opinion…It’s not just the content creators that can be rewards. It’s the curators as well. The people that leave a comment or an opinion, can be rewarded too! This is so powerful, because not everyone is a content creator (yet!). They may not feel confident enough to write a blog post. Perhaps the last thing on their mind is to record a video and upload it to @dtube . And that’s o.k.! Because here…You can grow with the platform and apps!

You may not feel confident enough right now…But imagine that you started following a content creator who made it known every time you posted a comment, that you were appreciated.

I feel that way soI know it can’t just be me 🙂

I would implore you…The next time you create some content and get a response or even comment on other Steemian’s blogs…Let them know they are appreciated!

The universe has a funny way of rewarding legitimate honest to goodness appreciation!



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