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The Evolution of the STEEM Blockchain

I joined STEEM in December 2017…What a time that was!

Everyone was a crypto expert…

All the YouTube crypto celebrities were posting content on STEEM…

STEEM was the greatest thing since sliced bread…

If you look back then compared to now, you will find a completely different blockchain. Yes, having 30 cent STEEM compared to $5 STEEM might change people’s excitement and opinion, but what really changed was the reason so many people were active on STEEM…

Back then…We blogged!

The idea of being paid to write about what you loved was…Intoxicating! Steemit, while filled with drama these past few months, had one of the better blogging applications online. I personally loved it and continue to read most Steem content with it.

Meanwhile everyone seemed to get these crazy rewards for having…Opinions and passion!

But something changed in 2018…

The dApps started appearing. Blockchain gaming became a thing. And online gambling found a new home on STEEM.

I have heard many of the STEEM OG’s talk about this during the past year….The future is in the dApps!

And I couldn’t agree more…

I am working on new videos within SteemSavvy and I had to laugh because the new training video isn’t going to be covering blogging techniques and writing hacks…

Nope, it’s going to be on….

Drug Wars!

drug wars

And what about the last training video I did for Steem Savvy?

Magic Dice!

This is where we are going and just look at some of the top accounts using these new applications. They have a very low reputation score and ZERO content…But they have an account on STEEM to use these applications daily!

This is how STEEM will become a household name…It will not be because someone wrote an epic blog post about the awesome features of STEEM….It’ll be because of real use cases with the applications ON Steem!

What an exciting future and I’m so pumped to see what happens in 2019.

Does this mean blogging is obsolete?

Absolutely not, it fact I think it’s just as important as before…But 100% of the focus on the STEEM blockchain will not be on blogs. It’s just a small part of this massive potential we call STEEM.

Buckle up folks, this is going to be an amazing ride!

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