The Expectations Of Online Entrepreneurs

Building online businesses can be quite an adventure…

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1998 (officially I guess) and have seen may fair share of highs and lows.

One of the biggest misconceptions when you are building an online business is the time needed to invest…Sadly in affiliate marketing circles it’s a popular belief that one just needs to show up and PRESTO, they become an instant success.

‘Marketing masters’ prey on this misconception…And set up their products to fool new marketers and entrepreneurs with the pitch…

‘Buy my product or service and within a month, you’ll be rich…’

I was reminded today of this from a support ticket I received for one of my websites. I’m going to share this with you, not to disrespect the person that sent it at all..This is a hard working marketer that expects results from our businesses…But I’m showing this to highlight the ‘attitude’ towards the time needed to see returns from your business….This customer has been a member of our website for…2 weeks.

Customer“Also, I keep marketing everyday, try different offers and ways to present it but didn’t see any results (no sales, no new subscribers). I thought it would be easier to monetize my membership.”

My response“I can share with you a little story….

So I got started trying to make money online in 1998. Back then, we had no idea what we were doing….It was like the Wild West.

But I found a program that I believed in and decided to go all in on. It was an old ‘FFA’ site, and cost me about 99 dollar a month. It was supposed to automate everything, and I would get results as it promised.

So I kept at it, did the tasks required and kept my membership in that program for quite sometime.

After about 3 years of busting my butt…..Results started to flood in.

I started building a business online in 1998 and went full time online in 2003. So it took me years…

I’m not saying it’s going to take 3 years to monetize your membership, but as a marketer online you must give it time to develop. There is nothing worse than seeing marketers come online, and expecting immediate results from their efforts. I’ve seen it time and time again over the 20 years I’ve been doing this.

People give up because they expect results in less than a month. This stuff takes time and effort 🙂

So I would recommend, keep doing what you are doing. Test and try different subject lines and ad copy in your emails. Make sure your funnels and lead magnets are attractive to potential subscribers. And always improve….”

The dialogue is continuing with my customer and I believe that they will get some big results if they keep improving….

However the big nugget in all this is…

You have to give yourself TIME!

Time to develop your marketing savvy.

Time to learn what works and what doesn’t in business.

In offline environments entrepreneurs are prepared to spend thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars and be in the red for years…They don’t expect returns from their offline business for quite a while. But somehow, the myth that online businesses can just ‘show up’ and instantly start reaping the profits is…Well just that…A myth!

Like I mentioned above, this stuff takes time.

And if you are constantly trying to improve, constantly tweaking your efforts to see what works and what doesn’t…You WILL see results!

However it requires consistency and the fortitude to keep showing up when things get rough…

Because like the popular saying goes:

“If this stuff was easy, everyone would be doing it!”

Keep showing up, the results are there!



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