The First 24 Hours of the SteemCreators Conference

Wow, where do I begin…

I’ve been to numerous business seminars and conferences over my 20 years in business but this was my first…’Crypto‘ conference!

I learned about this event months ago and was approached by Larry and IJ from SteemCreators to not only attend but to speak…

I agreed immediately!

And today was my first experience not only attending a crypto event but meeting my fellow Steemians!

Let me put it this way…All the drama, all the complaints and issues that pop up on the blockchain don’t mean a thing when you understand what makes this place so great…

It’s the people!

I have met more passionate Steemians from all walks of life in the past 24 hours than I thought I could in a lifetime. From sharing stories of how they discovered STEEM, to letting us peek into their passions, these people are awesome…

And it’s only day one…

There was so many highlights but I have to admit, I planned to capture a lot of it on my camera but alas…I was on the edge of my seat and only remembered a few times to press record…

I did mange a few shots though and I hope you enjoy them!


@yabapmatt stopped by via a Zoom Conference stream and shared his thoughts about the epic @steemmonsters initiative.

It was fantastic to hear about Steem Monsters from the man himself!

steem birds

We also had quite the surprise performance by the legendary @steembirds

I was a huge fan before I got to meet these guys and now even a bigger fan. Their songs are fun and unique and added such a cool element to the event. Rumor has it we will have a live performance of ‘Crypto Babes’ in the upcoming days LOL

The first day included not only these guys but also STEEM OG’s like @instructor2121 and @fyrstikken. We also heard from GoldMoney’s @par-ee , Steephot’s CEO Pavel Martynov, both @freedompoint and @freedomtowrite, @gmuxx, @fredrikaa from @SteemPress and @rhondak.

And of course this amazing event was being hosted by @Steemcafe and @larrymorrison

I can’t thank them enough for putting great people in the same room together…And that’s the biggest benefit to being involved in STEEM…It’s meeting these awesome people!

Yours truly is on stage tomorrow…Pray I don’t break both legs 🙂

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