The Formula Works But The Key Is Patience

I’ve been talking about ‘the Formula‘ a lot recently and have been teaching readers the exact steps each of us in our company took to form businesses that were each worth six figures…

Looking back it’s hard to believe that it all came from this…

FullSizeRender (16)

And while people may debate the importance of having a blog and mailing list (I don’t know why they would but some do…) what they can’t argue with is the bottom half of this equation!

I was reading Jon Gordon’s book “Win In The Locker Room” a few months ago and what he wrote really stuck with me…

He said “When people ask me how long it takes to become an overnight success I tell them…10 years!

He also showed in these examples, the power of hustle and patience…

– Starbucks didn’t open their 5th store until 13 years into business!

– Wal Mart didn’t have store #2 ready to go until 7 years in business!

– And the legendary Coach John Wooden coached for almost 20 years before winning his first national title…


It’s so true! Hustle and patience truly are the defining traits of successful entrepreneurs. You won’t be able to build any list or any community with your blog is you aren’t stubborn about success and refuse to quit.

Here’s the catch though…Things are going to SUCK at times! You are an entrepreneur, things won’t always go your way and failure is part of the job description. However take our example from a program that we started a half a decade ago. We did a snap shot of the first 2 months of 2016 and let’s just say…This whole ‘formula‘ stuff works…..

4163 (1)

Some fun facts about ClickTrackProfit

– It was something we dreamed up after many failed attempts to develop the ‘perfect’ training hub.

– It was started without much fan fare with the end goal of becoming a powerhouse program YEARS after it launched.

– It remains one of the most active online communities in our industry’s history, more than 5 years after it started!

But the main point of all of that is…It failed before it became what it is today! And without our hustle and patience, ClickTrackProfit doesn’t exist today!

We actually started 2 different programs that flopped before we created CTP. What we learned from the experience, we took the good from, forgot the bad and kept developing this website…

That’s Hustle!

That’s Patience!

That’s the power of sticking to your game plan and showing up each and every day…For years!

10 thoughts to “The Formula Works But The Key Is Patience”

  1. I agree with you there Jon. It takes a ton of patience. Nothing EVER happens overnight. But when it does, be prepared because everything seems to speed up. At least that is what happened with me.

  2. Excellent post Jon! People who are looking for success overnight end up jumping from one program to another waiting for something to happen. When you join any program you need to do your due diligence. Read every word on every page and click on every link. Get to know the owner, interact and help if you can. If you want to be successful, do what successful people do. The most important thing is to be not only consistent but persistent. As you start achieving success, share that with others. Brand yourself as a person that gives value, not as someone who is in need. Also I know I am rambling a bit but … if you don’t have anything good to say … don’t say anything at all!

    1. Thanks Ken, appreciate the comments very much! The key word…Value. I completely agree with that…If you aren’t adding something of value to your community and customers, you need to revisit what you are doing!

  3. Rome wasn’t build in a day is not just a saying its a fact it took many many years to build the Roman Empire. Well you can use that same analogy for building a business online or offline. It took myself many years to get that through my thick skull. But now I’ve got my blog going I’m building my list , I hustle and I’m being patient (which for me is not easy) Hopefully that will lead to Success, Cause I gotta tell ya I hate working for someone else

    1. I hear ya bro…And completely agree. I’m the world’s worst employee. But you are doing the right things and being noticed big time…I was listening to Blain’s video blog the other day and he said the only page that stuck out while he was surfing was your lead capture page. Huge man! Keep crushing it!

    1. Yessir, that’s why it’s so important to blog and list build but then…Have the hustle and patience for your brand to build!

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