guinea pig challenge

The Guinea Pig Challenge

One of the most rewarding aspects of journaling is that you can review your notes from years ago…And see how they can fit in your current situation.

I had just that experience this morning when I was re-reading my journal from 2017 and came across this note…

guinea pig challenge

A little backstory…

A few months before I joined STEEM, I created this thing called the ‘Guinea Pig Challenge‘…The idea was simple, and I think it can help a lot of people that struggle with coming up with content to write about as well as goal setting for your success!

Why call it a ‘Guinea Pig’ Challenge?

Because this isn’t going to be a spectator sport…We’re going to test this on ourselves and actually DO the work!

Here’s the plan…

1. Every day for the next 2 weeks, you write down 10 things you would love to accomplish in life.

These are your top of mind goals. The things that first pop into your head in the morning. Do you want to write better blogs, create better videos, travel the world, increase your faith, build better businesses, develop a healthier lifestyle…Nothing is off limits. What’s important though, is that every day you write them down no matter what and DON’T LOOK at what you wrote down previously. This is key…

2. After those 2 weeks are up….Let’s take inventory of the TOP 3 goals that seemed to show up first on those lists of yours.

Which were they? Becoming a better writer? Building a better business? Losing weight? Spending more time with family? You will see a pattern emerge and that’s what we want to notice.

3. And now we get to work…

For each goal, we write down (and get to work on) 3 tasks that would get use closer to our goals….So for me, I would put it down like this:

So I took my number one goal that showed up over the past 2 weeks…Which was to ‘Grow My Steem Power’

And then I wrote down 3 daily tasks that I could do, every day….That would help me achieve that goal. Which was to create content daily, engage with my followers daily and of course….Dollar cost average my investments and get some skin in the game.

Did it work? Does it work? Will it work?

That’s why YOU need to become the Guinea Pig!

I have an old PDF download available for you to help you with your Guinea Pig challenge and you can access it here:

– Guinea Pig Challenge Overview PDF – Download here

At the end of this challenge…I believe we can accomplish quite a bit.

Especially for people that may be struggling with WHAT to write about on STEEM. And discover their passion. Heck, maybe it’s not even writing, maybe it’s photography. Or videos. Or gaming…As you are well aware, there’s an app for that on STEEM 😉

But it’ll also help you get focused on effective goal setting.

We will be able to find EXACTLY what you love to talk about and focus on, naturally. Nothing will be forced and your ideas will come to you…

So let’s try it out and get to work…It’s time to experiment on ourselves and put our goals to work!

If you need any help with this, or ANYTHING concerning STEEM….Please join us in our Discord today!

I look forward to seeing your progress 🙂

P.S. If you start using the tag ‘guineapigchallenge’ in your posts over the next 2 weeks and sharing your experience…You may get a little surprise 😉


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