The Habit Of Writing Things Down…

I get stuck from time to time…

Being a content creator I have a schedule that I like to keep. However there are some days when I literally, run of out of things to write about…

And when that happens, I turn to old faithful!

Right there is something very special to me…It’s my first ever ‘journal’.

I started writing in it around 2008-ish and I developed the habit from listening to one of the masters of journaling…Jim Rohn.

On of the more famous personal development coaches in history, Jim was famous for talking about his journaling habits. I listened to numerous talks where Jim said the key to massive success is to get into the habit of writing in your journal…Every day!

And it’s something I’ve tried to live by during the past decade plus.

Here’s why….

I start re-reading my journal from over 10 years ago and find gems like this…My only regret is that I didn’t write the reference down for these notes I took. I guarantee it’s from some brilliant book, and how much truth is in those simple notes right?

Participant vs. Spectator

Content creators. Entrepreneurs. Crazy crypto fanatics…

We’re the ones that end up getting the fingers pointed at…The odd balls of society. I personally love it 🙂

I kept turning the pages and then found this as well….

Oh wow!

This was awesome…

I remember when I wrote this down, I was playing the victim. The world was against me, and I was right while everyone else was wrong…

The book I wrote these notes down stated that instead of playing the victim card when times got tough…We should embrace it! If it was easy, every would be in business for themselves…This was the message from it.

Powerful stuff if you ask me, because it taught me to look in myself for the change I wanted…Stop blaming others and stop relying on the world to save you….

Can we all related to this advice?

I could post countless little notes and quotes I’ve accumulated over the past decade plus but I think you get the picture…

It’s important to write down what you learn on your journey!

This is not only great ammunition for when you hit a writing slump lol But it’ll inspire you and fire you up again…So many years later!

And finally…Some pillar content. Some good old fashioned ‘stock’ content!

This was the beginning of my $2.73 ‘lesson’ that has been a part of @ClickTrackProfit for a decade now. The simple idea to master the ability to earn $2.73 a day every day for a year and then expend on it….All the way to $273 a day….


And it’s part of my history now because I got into the habit of writing things down….Every single day!

I encourage you to do the same…And then share with the world what you have accumulated 🙂



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