The Hardest Contest To Win On Steem – SteemSavvy Edition

It’s back!

Everyone’s favorite contest on STEEM!

Over the next week, we will be having the contest of all contests…But this time around we’re doing things a little different.

We have MULTIPLE prizes and contests for Steemians looking to take part…Let’s dive in and see what the prizes are…

We will be giving away in total;

– 300 Steem Power in Delegation
– Over 100 STEEM as prizes
– Dozens of @steembasicincome units!!!

So if you want to get entered to win the first contest, we keep it SUPER simple;

1. Re-Steem This Post
2. Comment Below
3. Follow My Account

At the end of the 7 days (next Sunday night), we will host a live stream on @Vimm where I will announce the winners that followed the rules in a random draw!

But what can you win? We’re giving away the following…

1st Place Prize 150 Steem Power Delegation for a full month!
2nd Place Prizes: 1 of 10 @steembasicincome units!

But wait…There’s more…

This is the SteemSavvy edition of this contest and we wanna GO BIG! And while we’re still keeping the ‘simplicity‘ of our monthly contests outlined above…We wanted to bring attention to the SteemSavvy training system!

And for those that wanna roll up their sleeves and help support SteemSavvy, we’ve got a separate contest as well for you…

If you are not yet aware of SteemSavvy, it’s a full-training platform designed to help new Steemians (and old Steemians) become more familiar with the blockchain. We keep things super simple in an effort to get more people involved. The idea is this…The more people that UNDERSTAND Steem, the more they will use it!

And a feature of SteemSavvy is it’s built in referral program where you can bring in affiliates to various programs within Steem (ie: @steemmonsters ) ;


(Screenshot of our affiliate toolbox within your members area at SteemSavvy)

So for the next week you have an opportunity to build your SteemSavvy affiliates and we will be giving you incentive to do so…

The participant that brings in the most members over the next 7 days (Sunday November 18th to Sunday November 25th) will win the following;

1st Place: 75 STEEM & 150 Steem Power Delegation for a month….WOW!
2nd Place: 25 STEEM
3rd Place: 10 STEEM

The rules are pretty simple, let people know about SteemSavvy and you get entered to win 🙂


(Yup, We’ve Got Badges! What badge level will you reach???)

We think our platform can help so many Steemians become more involved in this blockchain and we want more people to get involved!

We will be giving daily updates on the contest inside our Discord server so that you can see how close you are to bringing home the prizes….

Good luck to everyone and let’s bring more awareness to the STEEM blockchain together 🙂


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