The Information In This Blog Post Is Useless…

useless information

Everything in this blog post is totally useless to you.

In exactly the same way, everything you have ever been told, everything you have learned and everything you learned is useless to you too.

Information, by itself, has no value at all because it is what you decide to do with that information which makes it useful.

We see examples of this every single day in the ‘working from home’ online community. There are people who do nothing more than soak up information and then they spend months, or even years, doing nothing with it.

Endlessly soaking up information is the number one excuse behind every procrastinator alive today. It is so easy to tell ourselves that we are “not quite ready” to take action because we still need to learn more about “x,” “y,” or “z.”

If that is you then I have news for you…that information is useless and will continue being useless until you begin to put it to good use.

You must take action otherwise you are no further forward than the person without any of that knowledge.

When we talk about Plus 1 Success we are talking about a mindset where putting the knowledge we have gained to good use is at the forefront of everything we do.

It is an attitude where getting better via regular small improvements to our lives keeps us moving forward and keeps us motivated to keep moving forward.

This attitude means that we never have to waste time absorbing information which will be useless to us.

Even more importantly it means that we always put what we do learn to good use.

When we put information to good use then magic happens…for example it can transform the otherwise useless information in this blog post into something very worthwhile indeed.

3 thoughts to “The Information In This Blog Post Is Useless…”

  1. Well said and totally agree, Patrick. It’s not the rough information itself, but the action taking upon it that creates value. Curiously or not, action taking and reasons why we don’t is the subject of my newest post…

  2. Another great blog post, in your face commentary is needed to push forth simple lessons about what it takes. Everything is indeed useless unless you are putting forth honest action and effort

  3. Hi Jon very important post and to the point about how we must take action in order to reach our goals. If “you” do nothing “you” will not go anywhere. There is no reason for “you” to complain if you do nothing. Jon, you have always said for years that we must take action, and I followed your advice 🙂

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