The July HODL Challenge – Can We Actually Use This Coin?

That is the question this month….

After a miserable June on both interest in the project and returns, we’ve decided to take a different spin on this month’s HODL challenge.

We are going back to spending $100 in fiat on only ONE project and not spread it out and we’ll explain why here…

The answer to the question above is simple….Yes, I can use the coin right now and I do use the coin daily.

A lot of the projects we’ve dove into in 2018 have been speculation and ‘potential’. Lots of cool concepts thrown around that lead to epic white papers and promises of a digital currency revolution…However the fact remains, unless we are using, spending and paying with our crypto currency daily…It all doesn’t matter.

So I’ve highlighted a few projects already in 2018 that I use daily…STEEM, Bitcoin and now we’re diving into Binance Coin (BNB).

Unless you have lived under a bridge or are brand new to crypto, the mention of Binance usually gets your attention right away. Their BNB project is an absolute heaven sent for fans of their exchange and I’ve been a holder of their coin since day one. Based on the ERC-20 platform their native coin is used to save big on trading fees as well as it being paired with dozens of tradeable tokens and coins within Binance.

In short…If you are trading crypto currencies within Binance, the BNB coin is a must!

But for me it’s so much more…

It’s a bet! It’s a bet on the Binance company, how they are run, the political climate in which they operate and their CEO….If you have followed Binance and how they’ve dealt with the challenges of becoming a major player in the crypt space, you’ll agree…It’s a fascinating company to watch and use….Daily!

Oh boy, there’s that question again…Do I use the coin daily?

Yes! Anytime I wanna buy some crypto currency on Binance, I’m using BNB. When I’m trading, I’m using BNB. And when I’m looking at my portfolio…There it is again….Literally since day one!

So here we go…We’ll be purchasing and holding $100 in fiat worth of Binance coin for the entire month of July.


At current prices of $14.01 (Price via on June 27th @ 6:35pm Eastern) that is 7 coins for a total investment of $98.07….

I’m once again….Hopefully…But realistic about the markets in July. Regardless of price though, this is and will continue to be a big part of my crypto portfolio because again…There is no speculation. No concepts on paper. This is a coin that I use and have used every single day in 2018!

Let’s see how it does…

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