The July HODL Challenge – Guess What??

All good things must end…

And after a week of being up on our hodl challenge with Binance Coin, you knew it couldn’t last lol


To be fair to Binance the entire crypto space took another hit because the never ending ‘bear market’ seems to be continuing during the summer of 2018.

Of course, it didn’t help Binance when Vitalik Buterin (the founder of Ethereum) said in an interview that ‘all centralized crypto exchanges should burn in hell.

Yeah, he really said that and no….He’s not giving away free ETH!

I think the bigger story in all this is even though crypto took a pull back again, all the signs are pointing to a turn around. I mean you just need to check ‘crypto Twitter’ and there’s rarely any FUD these days, it’s actually good news…Almost daily.

So where are the bears?

Who knows…There is big money being played with and I’m sure someone makes a killing regardless of the bear or bull markets…And if you are worried more about the price and less about the actual use, it might be a long 2018.

Anyways, let’s do the math and see where we are in week 3…

Holding 7 BNB coins (the current price as of 7:45pm eastern on July 11th is $12.69) we are sitting at $88.83….

That’s down from last week’s $98.70. Around 10% give or take…Which if you look at the coins and tokens on CoinMarketCap, seems to fall in line with the average of losses this past week.

Are you ready for the beating of the dead horse? I know you are…

Binance Coin isn’t a concept project. It doesn’t have a road map for launch in 2020…It’s a coin that I use every single day and so do thousands of other crypto enthusiasts and investors. So the price, is what it is…The project though, is live! It works! And we are using this crypto currency daily.

I know…That’s a crazy concept in the crypto space, to actually use a coin or token…So that’s why I’m bullish on utility and actual use…It let’s be sleep peacefully at night, even when you lose 10% a week LOL

Here’s a question for you…

How do you deal with the up’s and down’s in the crypto market? Are you here for the quick gains? Or do you hodl and here for the long haul?

I’d love to hear your thoughts…

And rememeber…I upvote ALL comments because if you take the time to read and comment on my blog…It’s the LEAST I can do to show you I appreciate your time!


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