The July HODL Challenge – Is Binance Coin A Sure Bet?

Over the past 48 hours or so, you’d think we were approaching a potential bull run from all the positive signs and signals in the market…

Of course, when things are good for a few days in the crypto space, it means there is some doom and gloom on the horizon right? LOL

Will 2018 ever live up to the hype? Or are we pushing the crypto revolution back another year to 2019? I’ll leave that debate up for the much smarter crypto enthusiasts, because regardless of the up’s and down’s I’m having a BLAST…

Speaking of which…


We benefitted from the mini-pump the markets have seen over the past 48 hours and Binance Coin gave us some positive news and… * GASP * A green week!

Last week Binance Coin was $12.69 and as of this writing, we’re seeing BNB trading at $13.20

If we do the math, holding 7 coins at $13.20 we’re sitting at $92.40 from our original $100 in fiat investment.

Up from last week, but still down for the month…

Binance did it’s quarterly ‘burn’ this week too, so that helped with the price. It’s another reason I’m a big fan of BNB…If you read their white paper (yes I actually read white papers lol) they plan on ‘burning’ or repurchasing their own coin every quarter with the profits they earn. After they purchase them they effectively burn them and it decreases the circulation amount while raising the value of the coins.

Brilliant wait to reward coin holders and keep their circulation down and the coin in demand.

Just another awesome example of a coin / project that isn’t some crazy concept or project waiting to take shape…This is real world use cases and something very important in crypto these days.

Where will Binance Coin end up at the end of July?

The better question is where will it be in a few years from now…

And that’s an exciting thought to have a long time holder of this coin!



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