The July HODL Challenge – Week 2…Or Week 1.5?

Say it ain’t so….

We’re up!!!!

Yup you read that right, after 7 days of holding Binance Coin we’re up for the week…


That being said, it’s not a lot but in crypto these days…We’ll take it 🙂

Binance though…Had quite the week! It started off with popular crypto blogs talking about how it was a sure bet for an investment and ended the week with being responsible for the newest crypto meme…

Google this…. Funds Are Safu 😉

Apparently the API at Binance had a…Errrr…Hiccup and caused some downtime. If you think Steemit is fun during crypto drama, you don’t know what you are missing on Twitter. All the experts weighed in, the general public had conspiracy theories…And all CZ (Binance’s CEO) could do was poke fun at himself…

All in all, it was quite the week for Binance Coin and after all was said and done, it’s now at $14.10 (as of 6pm eastern time July 4th)

Not bad huh?

After all that drama, FUD and conspiracy theories, BNB still performed this week!

Our 7 coins are now worth $98.70 up from $98.07 from a week ago!

Plan your retirement 🙂

I mentioned this in previous posts about our HODL challenges, there are certain coins and tokens I will be holding for the long term and BNB fits the bill. So regardless of what happens this month, rest assured I will continue to build my portfolio in BNB simply because…The company, the CEO, the product and the experience are amazing!

This month is gonna be a little different and I realized what I did for last month’s challenge. I ended it early (June’s coins were horrible…lol) and started this one before it should have been. So even though this is ‘Week 2’ it’s more like…Week 1.5…..?

We’ll monitor BNB throughout the entire month of July but again, this is a coin I believe in and will hold for years to come.

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