The Key To A Rewarding STEEM Journey

So according to it’s been 17 moons since I joined this blockchain…

For those that are as bad at math as I am, the join date was December 7th, 2017…Right at the height of the crypto boom!

I was excited because I had found something that made SO MUCH sense to me…Social media on top of a blockchain!

That’s something I can get behind….!

I told myself I’d take the advice of all the social media gurus I’ve been studying for the past few years and go ‘all in‘ on this platform…

The first few months were tough. I was trying to find my voice, my niche and more importantly my community. I thought I should be using STEEM to talk about crypto…Seriously, go look at my first few months of posts here…It was all crypto, all the time.

From a guy who sold all his bitcoin at $500 because it would ‘never go any higher than that…(So don’t ever listen to me when it comes to financial advice…lol)

However thanks to some of the O.G.’s here on STEEM, I began to realize that STEEM was literally…Whatever I wanted it to be!

So I dug in my heels…Started learning everything I could and made a commitment to the 5-500-5000 plan.

Focus on:

1. Interacting and responding to 5 Steemians a day

2. Reach 500 followers to give myself a platform to share my message

3. Hit 5000 Steem Power because I needed some skin in the game

What a journey it has been 🙂

About 24 hours ago or so I hit a milestone that may not seem like much to some people…But for me, it’s my biggest focus when it comes to growing my account here…



That made me smile from ear to ear and while this may seem like an ‘ego post’ there is a reason why I’m highlighting this…

For the past 17 ‘moons’…I’ve focused on what I’m good at, and never worried about what I sucked at.

Here’s what I mean…

I’m good at teaching people things that I love, live streaming, doing videos, writing content, sharing STEEM with others, developing projects like @SteemSavvy

I suck at…Programming. Technical know how. Blockchain ‘technology’.

And that’s o.k…

You see, on your STEEM journey you may be like me when I first joined and thought that everything here has to have a ‘crypto’ spin on it…

It’s doesn’t.

And that’s what makes STEEM so powerful.

We can focus on what we LOVE and wouldn’t you know it, there are decentralized applications here that allow you to share what you LOVE with the world.

It’s becoming a lot easier to onboard new people to the blockchain, in fact it’s easier than it’s ever been…So SHARE your passions with the world! Share STEEM with people and let them know you have found a home where anyone’s passions, dreams and businesses can become a reality.

You don’t need to worry about what you might not be great at…That’s ok. Focus on what you LOVE and have a passion for here!

I believe when we are sharing what we love, we will attract like minded individuals.

And those people more than likely aren’t even on STEEM yet…

Let’s get out there and find them!


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