The Lack of Easy Onboarding Hurts Our Opportunities At Adoption…

So how was your day Jon?

Thanks for asking….

I popped on Twitter and the first thing I saw was this….


Not a bad start huh?

One of the largest video game developers on earth shouts out, what we’ve all been doing for a while now…..

Invest in crypto 🙂

Bullish yet? Well you should be…Electronic Arts and the entire gaming community are pretty much the perfect audience for crypto currency adoption. They ‘understand’ a digital landscape and the days of lining up at your local EB Games to buy a copy of the new Call of Duty are long gone. It’s all digital downloads and yup…Is screaming for not only purchases to be made via crypto…But also rewards and tokens that gamers could earn while creating their content for their viewers…

Ahh the possibilities….

But then we hit…The onboarding problem!

It’s rant time…And while I’m not the most experienced Steemian or have the most Steem Power, I do spend a HUGE amount of my day…Working with new Steemians, that are brand new to Steem.

And here’s what I see….


Add a few of these for good luck….


This was from two people…Brand new to crypto and to the Steem blockchain….

The first new Steemian was greeted with instructions to go to Github to get more info about Steemconnect…Are you kidding me? Github? You want people, who are BRAND NEW to crypto, and are getting their first taste of what Steem can offer…To go to Github?

I know this may not be evident from all the technical talk that goes on here, but the user base we are trying to attract….Has never heard of Github not to mention try to navigate it. This is the last place we should be recommending people to go to when they are just trying to ‘become active‘.

The next Steemian I was working with gave up after about an hour of trying to figure out what an account key was versus a password. Now I know that’s all part of the Steem blockchain, and people WILL learn it as they go..But for a brand new USER of this stuff..It’s just way over their heads.

This is my issue, but I get it…Blockchain is different. And signing up here isn’t like signing up to Facebook. But my goodness…We are missing on SO much opportunity by making this so complicated for everyday people just to….Use.

Steem ‘Lite‘ seems to be a solution for account creation that was talked about and I truly hope this becomes a priority for the powers that be here. You cannot ignore the ‘normies’ as they are called.

Just look at that Tweet by Electronic Arts…The masses are coming, and they will start poking around on Steem sooner rather than later…

But if we make this stuff more complicated than it needs to be. And new Steemians require a PHd in computer science just to sign up and use an application here…I can’t help but think of the lost opportunity we have to showcase how great Steem is.

I’m just a passionate user. A nobody on Steem really…

However I’ve spent the better part of my almost 2 years here working hands on with people and introducing them to the blockchain….And nothing has stopped my ability to onboard people, more than ease of use.

They will learn, just like we all did, the in’s and out’s…But what we need is for them to be able to use this blockchain, from day one. Without the complicated steps…

Please remember us…The USERS of Steem. Keep it simple! Adoption will be there!


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