The Long Term Approach To Building Community At SteemSavvy

Building a community of like minded people that share the same passions is a tough gig!

At our core, we are social creatures that do enjoy being around others that share our same goals and aspirations. But when it comes to building a community, it takes time…

It cannot be bought! It must be earned!

So when we started SteemSavvy, we knew we were in this for the long haul.

Because…We believe in STEEM and we believe in how important the people are to this blockchain!

I recently finished reading The Passion Conversation and did a review for it last week on @dtube . And some of the highlights of that book play an important part in my understanding of building community here on STEEM. I thought I would share some of the quotes from the book and talk about how passionate I am about the SteemSavvy project!

First this isn’t going to be easy…Meaning we can’t just show up and say “Hey, SteemSavvy is a must for everyone on Steem! You need to join right away!

Yeah, we believe that to be true but the inner workings of the SteemSavvy model rely heavily on community and daily engagement, and like I mentioned above….That takes time to earn and develop!

Perhaps that’s why so many people that were here in January aren’t around now….

Sure, the all time highs helped keep people’s attention for a few months…But when the ‘price‘ dipped, something bigger kept the dedicated Steemians around…

The constant development?

For sure, that played a big role. We see all these other crypto projects go up in flames and prices around the markets continue to drop…Yet development on STEEM continued and does so to this day!

The technology and the superior blockchain?

Oh you won’t get much argument from me! 3 second transactions…Sign me up! As much as I love Bitcoin, sitting around waiting 10 to 30 minutes for your transaction to go through isn’t exactly what the white paper envisioned (Happy 10 years Satoshi!!!)

So for me…It was the people!

We saw the price drop, the haters throwing STEEM under the bus, and the cries that crypto was a failed experiment….Yet here were real people. Engaging with each other every day! Using the applications built on this blockchain for them and by them!

I would argue…The PEOPLE and communities are the real power of STEEM over…EVERYTHING else online!

People first! Always!

So coming back to building a strong and vibrant community for SteemSavvy

I know I am stubborn enough to show up every day for the next few years LOL And I’ll spend the effort and money out of my own pocket to make it the best possible training platform on STEEM.

And as much as I’d love for SteemSavvy to be on the top of everyone’s mind, I know that this is an ongoing process and something that simply does not end…


Cool story Jon…What the heck are you doing to build community?

1. I talked last week about our SBI Angel initiative for SteemSavvy and it’s Discord. So far this week, we’ve given out about a dozen @steembasicincome units!


We think the STEEM journey should be fun and rewarding. So if you are active not only in engaging on this blog but also our Discord..We will reward you!

And with the plans of giving out even more, this hopes to play a big part in our community development. This again is a long term vision for growth. There are dozens of Discord servers specific to Steem communities, so we know there is a lot of noise out there. Rewarding people with SBI units for being active is just one step to make the SteemSavvy Discord a place people want to hang out and be a part of.

2. Once I get back from Steemfest, we will be hosting daily training sessions to help new Steemians get familiar with not only SteemSavvy but also Steem in general. I’m REALLY looking forward to this 🙂 There is nothing better than talking with like minded individuals every day. It fires you up and when people see action and active members…They want to be around that!

3. Speaking of Steemfest! I can’t wait to meet all the Steemians so I can to get their feedback on what would make SteemSavvy even better. Please note, if you are attending Steemfest, get ready for my business cards to be thrown in your face….I apologize in advance but hey….Out of sight, out of mind right 😉

Yeah, I’m headed to Poland to raise massive awareness for this project. I can’t wait to pick the brains of some of the STEEM O.G.’s and see what they think could help SteemSavvy grow and be of better service to the entire community.

Once again, this comes down to awareness….

Yes, we will always have new content in SteemSavvy as the blockchain grows. But part of my job description for this project is to keep it in front of people…As much as I can. As often as I can. Everywhere I can!

I can’t wait to meet you all in Krakow next week!


I’ll leave you with that quote above…

Sure, people talk about engagement! They throw buzzwords like passion around every day…

But action speaks louder than words.

So I encourage you…Jump on the SteemSavvy train!

Engage with us. Start building the community with us…And together we’ll highlight STEEM to the world and help train new Steemians on their journey…It’s the best place to be, and if you have stuck around through the up’s and down’s of 2018….You know this is true!


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