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The Magic Happens When You ‘+ 1’ Everyday

My ‘off STEEM’ blog is called…Weird name right? What does Plus 1 even mean?

I was captivated by the concept of ‘kaizen‘, a Japanese word for continuous daily improvement. I learned that not only did Japanese businesses encourage this practice in their workforce but it was being taught in personal success circles as well.

That’s right up my alley 🙂

So I picked up the book ‘The Compound Effect‘ by Darren Hardy where he taught the simple truth that once we start working daily on something small, it builds momentum and becomes something huge.

So my idea and brand for my blog was pretty straight forward…

Build something small and each day try to be better at sunset than I was at sunrise.

It could be something as simple as engaging with 1 more person on social media…

Maybe even watching one more personal development talk on YouTube today…

If I was into a online opportunity or business I could talk to one more prospect than I did the previous day…

Perhaps I was into fitness, so I would run that one extra minute on the treadmill…

And it started to work!

I was developing more relationships with people online. I was focused on building my personal development knowledge. Heck I even ran an extra minute every day on the treadmill to where THIS fat guy hit a 45 minutes jog once…I have plans in the next few weeks to build back up to that as well because I’m not getting any younger. And I plan on being around for a few more decades at least…Details to follow lol

The point being…I chose something to ‘get better‘ at and made small changes every day. Within a few months the results started to show up!

In ‘Show Your Work‘ by Austin Kleon, the book that @nathanmars recommended to me, there was a quote that stuck out…


This hammers home the importance of ‘plus 1’ to me even more.

We don’t need to cure disease in our daily activities.

We don’t need to feed the world in a week or less.

All we need to do is continually improve by making small steps forward…

You do this over time, not only does it begin to snow ball, you start to reap the benefits of your hard work. And you don’t need to be ‘perfect’ when you create and improve daily…Just be YOU and focus on reaching your goals in small daily steps forward…

Want to put the Plus 1 concept into action right now?

It’s easy…

Make a decision to connect with ONE new person on Steemit! Comment on their blog. Resteem them. Engage or follow them.

Do this every day for the next month and I guarantee you…You will certainly reap the benefits!

One thought to “The Magic Happens When You ‘+ 1’ Everyday”

  1. It works… for sure, more people should test it out, making changes, adapting or changing habits is not so easy… at the same time It’s not so hard to make small improvements each an every day.

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