The Most Difficult Contest In The History Of STEEM

Winner winner!

I’ve been playing with this idea since I first ‘discovered‘ the concept of delegation on STEEM. Once I understood that STEEM Power could be delegated to any project or account you want on the blockchain, I started thinking how I could leverage this…

Obviously, delegating to various bidbots can net you a return on your STEEM Power. But there have been many other examples of delegated STEEM Power on the blockchain that had me realize I could do something special with the SP I have been building. The @minnowfund initiative run by @brandonfrye has been an amazing example of how to take SP and delegate it to the hardest working new Steemians.

I am a big fan of things like this along with other minnow kick starter projects….Anything that helps people get ahead on the bloickchain from their hard work, I’m all for.

However, I wanted to do something specific for my followers and readers.

I wanted it to be exclusive for people that follow my account and help them grow in any way I could…

So I’m announcing a new contest that I will run every month here on the blockchain.

It’s simple…I will delegate 100 Steem Power to one lucky follower of mine at the first of the month and they will hold that delegation for a full month.

Hopefully, this increases not only their account reputation and potential, but the trickle down effect will help my account grow. To where we start doing 200 Steem Power delegations and more down the road…Who knows where this may go 🙂

Now here are the extremely difficult rules to this contest. Please make sure you write down these rules and pay close attention…Because there are a lot of rules…

1. Follow my account @jongolson
2. Resteem this post

O.K., I know that was a lot…But if you do those tasks you will be entered to win.

I will do the random draw during the upcoming Monday Night Thoughts (July 2nd) live stream on @dlive . It will be a blast to delegate that first prize and see what the winner does with their delegation for the month of July.

At the end of July, we’ll do it again….Hopefully this is a massive success and we can delegate even more 🙂

Good luck to everyone in the contest and I know there are thousands of other accounts you could be following here on Steemit…I appreciate that you are reading this post and following me. I truly believe STEEM will grow and prosper when we all engage daily. This is just one way I am choosing to help but I hope it’s just the beginning of what we can accomplish here…

I look forward to meeting and engaging with all of you!

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