The Noob Night Cryptocast – What Happens After 24 Hours On Steem Engine?

Note: I was having major troubles trying to upload this video to Dtube. So apologies in advance for getting this uploaded on YouTube….But the show must go on…Hope you enjoy the show 🙂

I have an addiction….

It’s refreshing Steem Engine every hour to see what new tokens I can claim…

I get everything from #PalCoin to #SteemLeo…. #SportsTalk to #Jahm…And everything in between!

But last night, I saw @bitcoinflood do something fascinating.

He waited 24 hours to see what his totals would be….Which must have took a huge amount of patience LOL So following his lead, I tried to wait 24 hours and WOW…..Some very impressive totals.

steem engine

We go over that as well as all the madness that was the markets over the past 48 hours….

If you are not entertained….We will do better next week 😉

P.S. Rumor has it, we’ll be releasing our own condenser next week….Hopefully 🙂

Stay tuned….


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