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The Obligatory Hardfork 20 Post

I tried to stay away…I really did! I knew after Harkfork 20 there would oodles of posts concerning it. From the positive to the negative and everything in between.

First a few disclaimers…

1. I’m an idiot! I’m really not that smart when it comes to anything techy. And that includes the blockchain and everything that makes it tick. It could be the reason why I tend to use Apple products almost exclusively. I can’t mess them up! So my opinion is from the un-technical side of things. Pardon my ignorance.

2. I mentioned Apple because I love simple! I believe everything in business and in life gets appreciated more and adopted more when it’s easy to understand. But more importantly, easier to USE! Remember for the past 9 months I’ve been talking about how important usability is for any blockchain technology …This still holds true! If we want to get more people USING crypto and blockchain…We must make it easy to adopt from a users standpoint.

So with that in mind…Let’s get into it…

I was reading @josephsavage ‘s post today about his opinion of the hardfork 20 situation and he made a comment that scared me;

“Steemit, Inc cares about scale, not as much about the existing users….”

It’s not that I think Ned and company are sitting around saying ‘screw the current Steemians‘, far from it. I feel they have the best interest of this blockchain in mind and at the end of the day I believe that hardfork 20 is a step in the right direction. But something is missing from the equation and it has since I joined STEEM.

Keeping things simple for the everyday user!

I read in another post earlier today about the addition of potential Resource Credits being a tradable asset or open market…WHAT?????

Remember…I’m speaking for the average Joe and Jill that just wanna use this stuff!

I had a heck of a time when I first got started trying to figure out the difference between STEEM, Steem Power and SBD’s…And now there is the thought of adding a new token to the mix??? And what the heck are resource credits??? (Just kidding I figured that much out because of the LACK of them right now lol)

I’m not saying that this is happening, but it showed me how we seem to forget about the everyday person that wants to USE this blockchain and all it’s dApps. We don’t care about how the stuff works, and that’s our fault I guess for not being that techy…But we support it. We invest in it. And we wave it’s flag wherever we go.

I know this has been a challenge for so many, I’ve been o.k. with what I’ve read and tried to follow along as much as I could when it came to the technical side of things…But we cannot forget THE PEOPLE if we want this to grow and get adopted.

And the people want simple!

They will use it, adopt it , invest in it…But it can’t require a PHd in computer science to understand it.

This is the pioneering stage and again, I understand that…I just hope we never forget what will make this place and what HAS made this place so special…And that’s the people USING it!

Every day!


One thought to “The Obligatory Hardfork 20 Post”

  1. You have a valid point, Jon… of all things currently being dumbed down, crypto and steem need to be added to that list. If people don’t understand how it works and the terminology, they will avoid it so as not to look unintelligent. There is a saying that the PTB need to remember… KEEP IT SIMPLE!!! Once it is explained, it is obvious, but to the newbies it is so much gobblety-goop… Just because you have been in crypto and steem for months or years, and its terminology and how it works is second nature to you, it needs to be explained to newbies so they can acquire that feeling of familiarity!

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