The One Feature On Any STEEM dApp I’d Love To See..

A few months ago, I was interviewed by @steemcafe for the lead up to the SteemCreators conference that took place in Toronto.

It was a blast to be not only a part of that interview but also the entire event. In the middle of the interview we started discussing what makes popular social media platforms so effective. And also how could dApps on STEEM capture that same kind of attraction.

One of the things @steemcafe talked about was the birthday reminder feature on Facebook. It’s brilliant and he put it this way…If we didn’t have that little reminder pop up from time to time, we would never remember Uncle Bill’s birthday! With that in place, we can continue the relationship, Uncle Bill feels acknowledged, and we all live happily ever after…

Social media sites are fantastic at building and developing new and old relationships. With smart little features as simple as a birthday reminder, we put the ‘relationship’ front and center in our everyday use of these platforms.

Now that being said…I’m not hoping for a birthday reminder feature on Steemit or Busy.

But as we ‘steem’ past Hardfork 20, a big part of the discussion is…How do we grow from now on and how do we get more members to engage with us…

Will it be from mass adoption and easier onboarding?

I think it could, but I’d love to see current Steemians grow from within. And this is a feature I’d love to see, that other social media platforms have had in place for years…

Recommended Steemians / Users

For example;

If you have 5 followers who followed @fulltimegeek and voted for him as witness over the past week, it would be cool for that to pop up in your feed. (given that you weren’t already following him or voting for him as witness)

Imagine if your favorite social media / YouTube celebrity joined STEEM and 20% of your followers started following them…A notice that you should check them out would be perfect!

How about if your a big chunk of your followers started following and engaging with @meno …That should be someone that is recommended to you as well.

It might seem like old tech, because this feature has been around other social media platforms forever, but I think it would add so much more to the STEEM Experience.

Heck, it might even already be out there….So if it, once again pardon my ignorance and please point me in the right direction.

But as we search for more ways to engage with each other, grow our followers and make STEEM an every day force online…People once again, must come first.

And nothing is more important to every single person on earth than…Relationships.

We don’t have to follow the centralized way of doing things like Facebook and Twitter, but we could definitely benefit from what they do best…And that’s put relationships and connections at the top of the list.


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