The Perfect Time Is…Now!

Just in case you needed a reminder…I’m a STEEM fan boy!

I have never been more excited and fired up to be a part of this blockchain…And today cemented it even more

Believe it or not, I still poke around other social media sites from time to time. Mostly to keep up to date with crypto related topics…And today I was paying close attention to…Crypto-Twitter!

For those that aren’t familiar with the term, it’s following all the crypto news, gossip and scandal via Twitter.

From the ‘experts’ to the talking heads, to project news and announcements…There is nothing quite like it! On top of all the juicy news you can follow, it’s quite entertaining when whales start fighting with each other on Twitter too…

(And you thought that was only limited to whale wars on STEEM????)

Like I said…Today was awesome….I’m really fired up 🙂

First I learned about the switch ‘Steemit Inc’ made on Twitter from using the Steemit account to their newer SteemNetwork one! They are keeping the Steemit one for news about the Steemit app, while allowing the SteemNetwork account to cover all the blockchain related news and announcements.

I started following that account today and have been flooded with the amazing coverage that STEEM has been getting around the crypto world lately…

But the big news…And in my opinion this is massive...Is the announcement that CoinPayments now accepts STEEM for all e-commerce transactions!


Why is this big news?

Remember this is the ‘blockchain of opportunity‘ and one of the biggest issues facing any crypto is actually being able to spend it, use it and accept it….CoinPayments is one of the largest payment processors online that deals in crypto exclusively. Think of it as PayPal for crypto currency and as we know…There is a lot of crypto choices out there!

CoinPayments has a big market share of the online merchants looking to accept crypto currency on their websites. Their plugin’s, API’s and POS interfaces makes accepting crypto as easy as 1, 2, 3 for their customers!

Because that’s something that attracted a lot of us early online entrepreneurs to PayPal…Ease of use!

CoinPayments is super easy to use and integrate into any business! And now that they have added STEEM into their cryptos that are supported….WOW!

The official blog post can be found here on the CoinPayments blog.

I feel like a kid at the candy store. All the news of Hardfork 20 coming up, the release of the testnet and SMT’s around the corner…This is the perfect time to get your ‘STEEM’ on!

If you want to keep up to date with all the news that’s going on here, be sure to follow the Steemit Blog on Steemit.

As well, be sure to follow their two accounts on Twitter



or even CoinPayments if you are curious on how to integrate their platform into your website…

CoinPayments on Twitter

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