The Politics of Profit

Beware the bedfellows of success,

as they may become the bedbugs of future failure.

In the United States, we are in the midst of an election year.  We see the politics of our current, and future, leaders on display daily.  The posturing, the alliances made for position, and the ever increasing foray into areas that COULD bring ruination to careers if something goes “public” that shouldn’t have.

It’s a spectacle worthy of Hollywood, in the scripting and nuance of public opinion.  Who will garner the support needed?  Who will fail today?  And the question no one wants to speculate on – how will the alliances made today effect the future potential for success . . . or failure . . . of those involved?

No, this is not a political blog.  I will not drag you down the murky inroads of political discourse, nor subject you to the drama that will ensue.

There are, however, some lessons to be learned that can, and probably will, effect us all on a more personal level as we travel down the path toward our own success.


NOTHING ever ‘goes away’ from the realm of social media.

As we have seen, statements, video, press releases, and yes, even personal emails, can be used to portray a potential negative aspect about an individual.  What you say today, as well as the past, can have dire consequences upon  the future.  You can not undo what has been done, but you can proceed forward with greater focus.

I have said this before, but it is worthy of repeating – Think BEFORE you speak or write something!

I fully understand that we can all become embroiled in the -moment- and may say something we later regret, or can be used in a negative manner.  It happens.  Even an innocuous statement made in an unrelated venue can be taken from context, and used to show you in an unfavorable light.  Be prepared, be proactive, and limit the potential whenever possible.  The effort you take today, may save you from numerous headaches in the future.


Choose wisely those whom you align yourself with.

Many a politician, and business, has lived to regret some of the associations they have made.  What seemed like a potential endearment to their aspirations later became a stumbling point.  That endorsement speech or testimonial made at a, seemingly, beneficial point can be brought to bare later to show bad judgement based upon future ramifications.

In business, it is important to form significant relationships with those that can enhance your ability to grow.  We see it all over.  People working with each other for mutual promotions/growth is a common, and very useful, practice.  You can leverage the strengths of both parties to overcome individual needs.  Win/win, or so it would seem.

What happens when one of the parties involved later fails to meet the conditions of the agreement?  Never delivers what you promised your group in return for their good faith in you?  Or, goes off on a rampage alienating everyone involved?  Don’t believe it will happen?  Oh, the stories I could tell!

Remember, once you align yourself with another person/business, what they do effects how YOU are seen as well.  People that you worked hard to get trusted you.  Fail to deliver (regardless of whose initial fault that may be), and you can loose some – if not all – of that trust, and may carry a long lasting stigma attached on future dealings.

Do your due diligence PRIOR to any joint ventures.  Ensure the people you choose to align with meet your level of acceptability in what they say, and do.

Talk to others that have had dealings (both business and personal) with them in the past.  Determine if what you -see- is what you will actually get!  Don’t wait until something goes array, be proactive in your own future.  There are many good, trustworthy, people and businesses from which to choose.  Seek them out.  It will pay huge dividends over time.


Ok, where is that profit  . . .

Just as we see in politics, there is goal – profit – from our actions.  The politician may seek higher office, or appointments to lucrative positions later.

In business, the same applies.  We work hard today to realize our goals – the profit – later.  Be that direct monetary gain, or something less tangible (accomplishment, helping others, etc.), we all have to make the journey.  Along the various paths we travel to achieve this, there are commonalities that everyone successful in business (and politics) has taken.

What I hope to have shown, in some small way, is that there are – lessons – that we can all learn from a wide, and varied, list of resources.  Once we begin to seek out knowledge, we find more!  The better we equip ourselves for achieving what we seek, the easier that becomes over time.

To me, knowledge is the ultimate -profit – I can amass.  The more I learn, the more I accomplish,  more I can earn, etc..

I truly want everyone to be able to reach their goals in life.  It can be done.  All it takes is finding the right path, doing what is needed (which sometimes may NOT be what you thought you wanted!), and never . . . NEVER . . . stop believing in yourself.

If you honestly have faith in your own abilities, others will see that as well.  Once they do, it will become far easier to attract those that WILL help you on the journey.

Not a single person ever became President, or successful in business, alone.  Nor did they do it by not learning/doing what it takes along the way.

Let’s do this!

We can start now by posting the lessons YOU have learned in the comments below to help others, and grow personally.


With Sincere Thanks

Richard Taylor

“The only limits we have are those you impose upon yourself. Remove the limits!”

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