The Power Of Saying Exactly What You Mean

say what you mean

In business it is very important to say what you mean and mean what you say.

This does not give you a license to be so blunt with others to the point of rudeness as you strive to “tell it like it is.”

Rather it means that when it comes to negotiations you are perfectly clear about what you are prepared to do and what is not acceptable.

It means that you are totally clear about what is expected from the other party and that they are just as clear about what to expect from you in return.

When you say what you mean there can be no confusion. If you can’t (or won’t) do something then don’t try to fudge the issue. Instead say a clear no and give your reasons why.

For example you might say: “I am sorry but I can’t do that for the price you want to pay. My bottom line is x.”

In business dealings it pays to be crystal clear about what you can do and what you expect others to do. This allows for boundaries to be set and for completion standards to be known in advance.

Say what you mean. Deliver what you promised and expect the same from those with whom you do business.

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