The Power of Twitter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock during the past few weeks, you’ve been witness to the STEEM community…Flooding…And I do mean flooding Twitter!

Spearheaded by @NathanMars @SurferMarley (#SixtySeconds campaign) and countless other Steemians, we are seeing the STEEM message being shared loud and clear on Twitter.

Yes, some people here on the blockchain cringe at the thought of a centralized platform like Twitter, being used for our gain…But let’s be brutally honest…

If we want to be noticed, as a viable social media platform and community that thrives with actual engagement and interaction…We need to go and hang out where the majority of the people are. And while different centralized platforms have their pro’s and con’s…

Nothing fits STEEM better than Twitter!

I did some digging over the past week to see some actual numbers from all the activity and was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been involved with Twitter since day one, but nothing has compared with the kind of engagement I have personally experienced this past week…Directly from the amazing support of the STEEM community.


These numbers…Blow my mind and most times I send out a Tweet, I may get 5-10 engagements…Even though I have grown an organic follower count of over 10,000 Twitter users…

This showed me…Steem and Twitter are a match made in heaven!

It makes sense…

Steem’s biggest asset (at least in my opinion) is it’s people. And Steem is at it’s best when communities are formed and engagement takes place.

You can say the exact same for Twitter. It’s ability to engage in real time with your followers as well as an engaged audience is…Well…The numbers speak for itself!

I love the interaction and engagement taking place on Twitter and I hope this isn’t just a fad we are all going through…

I encourage you to get engaged on Twitter to bring awareness to this amazing blockchain we all love so much. And if you want to get started, it’s simple;

1. Follow accounts like @NathanMars @dmilliz @d00k13 @stackin here on Steem, but also on Twitter. Watch how they engage with their followers and are spreading the Steem message!

2. Use the hashtags like #STEEM #Blockchain #crypto and make a dApp as well that you are trying to share. So for example, if you are talking about a Dtube video use the tag #dtube on Twitter

3. Try not to tag more than 2-3 people in any given Tweet. In fact, I’d only do that under certain circumstances, remember Twitter is BEST when it’s personal…So 1 or 2 tags would be best. This isn’t always the case but I guarantee…If you are tagging 10 or more people in one Tweet…You will be doing more harm than good.

But most importantly…Have fun!

Twitter (in my opinion again) is the perfect ‘centralized’ social media platform to bring awareness to Steem. It’s where most crypto enthusiasts are hanging out, so it just makes marketing sense to hang out there 🙂


Interested in learning more about Twitter and how to use it to grow not only the Steem blockchain…But also your exposure and Steem account?

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