The Problem With Ego, Pride & Social Media

This has gone from bad to worse…

Imagine the excitement a lot of us in the ‘marketing world’ had when we heard the news….Justin Sun had purchased Steemit Inc.

The hope and belief that the world would soon come to learn and understand how powerful our little blockchain is. Justin was the creator of Tron and had what seemed like unlimited funds that would help build Steem up and get more people to our home on the web!

And then….Ego happened.

Whoever was right or wrong is up for debate…I personally think Steem was protecting itself from silence and mixed messages…But this post isn’t about that. There is plenty you can read about that here and on traditional social media…

Speaking of which…Here is something that is of deep concern…

Earlier today, Justin Sun started to block Steemians that have been fighting for our blockchain on Twitter.

Hey, I get it…He feels like he is being attacked but what I do think is much more of a concern is how this looks like his attempt to silence the voice of blockchain.

So now we have one of the biggest holders of Steem power, not even attempting it seems, to dialogue with Steem…

The claims of him wanting to work with this community, it’s obvious now this is not the case but here’s the kicker…

You may be able to silence people and block them on traditional social media…But this is Steem! It cannot be ‘muted’ and right now, I’m pretty bummed out….Because it looks like it’s not getting resolved anytime soon.

Steem seems to be fighting for it’s life while he’s fighting to save his image….No one is going to win this game.

I would say, let’s get back to the table and work it out but this looks like a control issue for me….The Tron Foundation seems to want to control Steem…And in a decentralized blockchain, that just cannot happen. It shouldn’t happen.

So where do we go from here?

To be honest, I have no idea…My little 30,000k Steem Power isn’t going to save the world but what I’m doing is continuing to create! Continuing to engage! And helping people learn about important Steem is.

We just want our home back, because it’s an awesome place. And I am not sure what the future will hold but right now….I say we embrace the motto of being the ‘Honey Badger’ of blockchains!

Keep scraping and keep using Steem each and everyday.

We have the best community online and each and every day, I’m more and more honored to be a part of it!

Thoughts on a Saturday night at 11pm…



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