The Real Secret To Success….Seriously!

Since I have rebuilt our mission has been to…

1. Rebuild this storied training platform day by day, working with members every step of the way…
2. Making sure they get a ton of value AND REAL RESULTS from using CTP…!

One of the tools we created in the rebuild of ClickTrackProfit was the ‘3 Steps To Success‘:


This is a digital representation of a habit I started building into my life years ago…

The idea is simple enough to understand in a few seconds or less.

Every day you start off with a checklist of VERY achievable goals. The trick is, these are not goals that you have zero chance of achieving. So we wouldn’t put:

“Make 1 million Steem Today” as an example…

But we could put “Write a post on” which we COULD achieve. Because this small goal helps us get closer…To that million Steem mark 😉

The purpose of this exercise is that you actually DO them….We’ll get back to that in a minute…

So you start the day with 3 tasks…And check them off as you progress through your day.

At the end of the day you have 3 tasks that you have knocked out of the park. 21 in a week…90 in a month…And 1095 tasks completed in a year.

Safe to say…That’s pretty powerful 🙂

But here’s the kicker…

And the true ‘secret to success‘….

You can’t just write these things down…You have to actually DO them!

This was my list from today;

Check Mark Number 1 – Blain and I have this BIG goal when it comes to getting our members into monthly subscriptions. Whether it’s upgrades, add ons or services we provide. It’s the foundation of our business model and we can also deliver residual monthly commissions payments to our members who promote our products! A membership site like CTP needs monthly payments coming in, but we are nowhere near our goal and where we want to be…

However, we’re 5 new subscribers closer today though as we crushed that mini-goal! It got a check mark!

Check Mark Number 2 – It’s VERY important for us to show you guys on Steem (and our members in CTP) that our tribe and community that we’re serious about the growth of everything we are doing. That requires us to communicate with you regularly. And the CTPtalk Blog is how we will be doing that…I banged out an update today so…It got a check mark!

Check Mark Number 3 – I read a book a few years ago called Top Of Mind by John Hall…The idea behind it was that people are bombarded with tens of thousands of marketing messages every day. If you are not in front of your audience regularly, you are off their radar. This is why I’m a huge fan of email marketing and it’s a big part of our training inside of ClickTrackProfit. So…Today, I sent a note to my members…Letting them know what we are working on 🙂 And yup…It got a check mark too!

So there are 3 SIMPLE tasks I put into practice today.

Nothing over the top. Very achievable…But the point is I DID them!

This is the secret to everything you do..Whether it’s online marketing, growing your portfolio, trying to increase your Steem Power or heck, even losing weight at the gym…You must DO the tasks needed!

I love seeing all the members of CTP checking off the tasks in the 3 Steps To Success, but I offer a huge warning…

If you are not putting in the work. If you are not actually DOING the tasks that are laid out…You are just cheating yourself!

If you want to actually SEE results and get results in anything you do in business or in life…

Do the work!



The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing….

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