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The Reason Why Revisited

16 years ago, I found my first reason why. It came in the form of an 8 pound baby boy named Matthew. My son changed the way I thought about a few things but mostly…How I would put food in his mouth and clothes on his back.

It’s such a wake up call having a baby. And not in a bad way at all, it puts another human being before you and your pride and selfish motives disappear very quickly.

How was I going to do it? I was a 24 year old little turd for lack of a better term, who thought he knew it all. And here I am, having a son…Entrepreneurship seemed like the best option.

I was into about week 1 or 2 of staying up at ungodly hours, warming up bottles and changing diapers when it hit me like a freight train…You need to be in this kids like 24/7 and not become a weekend Dad.

Sounds great…How do I do it?

I started learning about internet marketing. I started to discover traffic generation techniques. And finally stumbled upon email marketing and list building.

I was hooked.

Here was my reason why, sitting in my lap and the future I dreamed about staring at me on my computer screen.

16 years later….I’m doing it all over again.

I’m writing this blog post at 11:47pm while my new baby boy just finished his bottle and will hopefully let his mom and I get an hour or two of sleep.

I love it.

This is why I fell in love with working from home.

Can you possibly think of anything better?

I get to spend all my life with my family and provide for them without missing a moment of their lives. That’s true freedom. That’s the true power and potential of being a home based entrepreneur.

(Notice how I have never once mentioned a monetary amount…Your reason why has to be bigger than just money…)

16 years ago I got a taste and since then, it’s never left me.

Find your reason why and you’ll fall in love with your job each and every day all over again!

8 thoughts to “The Reason Why Revisited”

  1. Make sure its about Balance Jon, and get some sleep when he’s sleeping. We found that the wisest thing to do when ours were little babies, because when you are older parents you get tired more. I hope he’s doing well and Theda is too.

    1. We have this down to a science. I work until around 2am, she sleeps ill then, and then we switch lol They are both doing very good but she had to be dragged to bed to get away from her son lol

  2. Hi Jon. This isn’t mushy. LOL. It’s about real facts. And I guess mushy is part of it. It takes courage to face those mushy feelings. Strong man feel mushy feelings. Weak men are afraid of it. So you are getting stronger to face those feelings. That’s a huge step! I’m glad you have Isaiah home now. By the Way how is Mooking doing?

    1. Thanks Barb. Mookie is good. She was a little upset that we were gone for a week to the hospital but she seems to be doing better now. She’s still with me all day when I’m working.

  3. I remember when I didn,t make a dime at this I was totally new .Real funny i used to write my banners down they didn,t work I was mad lol.Then on my white board I finally erased getting down skype.I,m learning everyday from you guys and i enjoy it more now.

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